Why migrate to Cisco Catalyst 9300 switches?

Why migrate to Cisco Catalyst 9300 switches?

The Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switch Series is here!

They provide superior competition and unparalleled security features. The Cisco Catalyst 9300 series of switches is comprised of seven different switch models. Any of these models can be used together in a stack of up to eight units.

Key Benefits of Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switches:

  • Reduced cost and complexity with Cisco Software-Defined Access by automating policy, enabling fast service creation and providing complete visibility into the wired and wireless access networks.
  • Create better customer and employee experiences through higher performance and
    improved support for mobility and new apps.
  • Advanced end-to-end security to handle threats before, during and after attac.
  • The Catalyst 9000 Series is also the first in the line to offer the Cisco IOS XE and
    Cisco ONE subscription-based software licenses, allowing customers to purchase
    the features and capabilities they need.

The following table shows the port scaling and power details for Cisco Catalyst 9300 series models.

Model Total 10/100/1000 or Multigigabit copper ports Default AC power supply Available PoE power Cisco StackWise-480 Cisco StackPower
C9300-24T 24 350W AC Yes Yes
C9300-48T 48 350W AC Yes Yes
C9300-24P 24 POE+ 715W AC 445W Yes Yes
C9300-48P 48 POE+ 715W AC 437W Yes Yes
C9300-24U 24 Cisco UPOE 1100W AC 830W Yes Yes
C9300-48U 48 Cisco UPOE 1100W AC 822W Yes Yes
C9300-24UX 24 Multigigabit Cisco UPOE 1100W AC 560W Yes Yes
(100 Mbps or 1, 2.5, 5, or 10 Gbps)
This is the correlation between Cisco Catalyst 3850 y 9300
Discover here the benefits of the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series compared to other switches

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