What security solutions does Solutel recommend to SMBE?

What security solutions does Solutel recommend to SMBE?

What security solutions does Solutel recommend to SMBE?

Reliable solutions, available to all companies and with annual subscription. Let’s see what these solutions consist of. Let’s get started!

Let us show you how easy it can be to protect your entire organization so you can focus on your business without fear.

We are aware of the multiple security options on the market. At Solutel we want you to have a clear idea of ​​the security products that we recommend for SMEs. The solutions presented are annual subscriptions, and available to all companies.

Cisco’s powerful combination of firewalls, EndPoint security, cloud security, and user authentication can help keep your business running by detecting threats earlier, faster, and easier. These solutions, together with user training on cybersecurity awareness and good practices, guarantee a more cybersecure company.

The following essential security technologies work together to keep your employees safe and your business protected:

  • Next-generation firewalls block unauthorized access to your customers’ applications and data.
  • Cisco Umbrella is the first line of defense against threats on the Internet.
  • Cisco AMP for EndPoint prevents threats at the point of entry and provides continuous monitoring to capture and remediate threats.
  • Duo Multi-Factor Authentication verifies user identities and blocks outdated, unsecured, or unknown devices from accessing your customers’ applications.

Protecting your network – FIREWALL

Why do you need a firewall?

  • Firewalls create a barrier between the trusted internal network and untrusted external networks, such as the Internet.
  • They control access to your company’s resources.
  • Firewalls help prevent the loss of business data.
  • The best firewalls prevent the disruption of business-critical applications and services caused by security breaches.

 Cisco Meraki MX                                            

If you prefer a fully managed cloud solution, Meraki MX can be deployed remotely in minutes and gives you full control of the users, content, and applications on your network. Security settings can be easily synchronized using templates.

Cisco Firepower 1000 Series                                                 

The 1000 series is a next-generation firewall focused on SMBs. It offers business protection for small and medium offices, and is flexible enough to protect your business as it grows. With Firepower 1000, you get application visibility and control, next-generation intrusion prevention, advanced malware protection, and URL filtering. It’s easy to use and designed not to affect network performance (unlike other firewalls, which can slow down your business).

Protection of your employees’ devices – AMP for Terminals

Why do you need endpoint security?

  • Laptops and mobiles are the most vulnerable terminals in small businesses.
  • As malware becomes more elusive, traditional antivirus is insufficient to protect your endpoints.
  • Endpoint security helps you find threats quickly and see what has been affected.
  • Quickly stop the spread of threats and fix them quickly.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints prevents threats at the point of entry and subsequently continuously scans all files that are allowed access to your endpoints, such as mobile devices, laptops, computers desktop and many more. This enables it to detect the most advanced threats, including fileless malware and ransomware.

Prevent – Automatically block known malware by leveraging the best global threat intelligence and apply a zero trust model by blocking risky endpoints to prevent them from gaining access to applications.

Detect – Run complex queries and advanced investigations on all endpoints and continuously monitor all file activity for hidden malware.

Respond: Quickly contain the attack by isolating the infected terminal and fixing malware on PC, Mac, Linux, servers, and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Security for users wherever they are – CISCO UMBRELLA

Why do you need security at the DNS layer?

  • By enforcing security at the DNS and IP layers, Umbrella blocks requests from malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets before a connection is established.
  • Monitoring DNS requests can be an easy way to reduce blind spots and provide greater accuracy and detection of systems at risk, improving network protection.

Cisco Umbrella

Users work from many locations and devices. They no longer need the VPN to work – they use cloud applications, many of which have not been vetted by the IT department. What if there was a quick and easy method to protect users and enforce acceptable use policies?

Cisco Umbrella helps protect your users both on and off the network by blocking malicious Internet destinations before a connection is established.

And since it’s offered in the cloud, Umbrella is the easiest way to protect your users anywhere and in minutes.

Protecting your passwords – CISCO DUO

Why do you need multi-factor authentication?

  • 80% of security breaches are related to the hijacking of passwords.
  • Verify the identity of users in seconds.
  • Protect any application on any device.
  • Enforce secure access to your applications and data.

Cisco Duo

Cisco Duo verifies the identity of all users with strong two-factor authentication before granting access to your applications.

After verifying the identity of users, Duo verifies that their devices comply with established security standards, to protect against vulnerable or compromised terminals.

Duo is designed to provide simple and streamlined login to every user and to any application, and as a cloud-based solution it easily integrates with existing technology.

Harness the power of Talos threat intelligence

Talos security intelligence is the industry’s most powerful protection against cyber threats.

19.7 billion threats blocked per day.

600 billion emails inspected per day.

1.5 million malware samples per day.


Talos Threat Intelligence

Talos tracks threats across endpoints, networks, cloud environments, the web, and email, delivering comprehensive cyber threat insight and robust, actionable intelligence.


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