Webex People Insights functionality

webex people insights

Webex People Insights functionality

Webex People Insights functionality

During the month of June, the new Cisco Webex People Insights functionality will be available. It helps to know the role of the people with whom you meet and therefore to be able to better place it in the context of the meeting.

Your profile helps the people you collaborate with learn more about you and your company. By activating the Webex People Insights functionality when you log in, you can review, edit or hide your profile.


See how it works in the following video:



People Insights enables Webex users to view contextually relevant content about the business data of the people they interact with in the meeting.

Available to Cisco Webex, Cisco Webex Meetings, Webex Events (new), and Cisco Jabber users.

Examples of the People Insights information collected from the web include:

  • Profile pictures
  • Biography and work history
  • Education
  • News Articles
  • Company information

This data is collected from public sources.

Similarly, more information can be completed when the organization administrator allows the integration of the corporate directory. In this case, People Insights profiles will provide internal data about participants within the same organization, so that participants can easily access data about their colleagues, such as:

  • Internal title
  • Internal contact information
  • Report structure

Note that Cisco currently only supports viewing of this data through Webex Applications that use an internal Cisco API or built-in widget. Cisco will not provide a public API for personal or business data.


First of all, People Insights profiles are designed with data protection and privacy in mind, and are aligned with GDPR requirements. This feature provides users with a view of their public presence and fingerprint, and includes features to respect the rights of data subjects.

Second, you are the full owner of your People Insights profile and can change your photo, edit or update your employment and education, and more. You can also hide individual sections of your profile or hide everything to keep your information private.

Learn more about our Data Protection and Privacy Program at the Cisco Trust Center.


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