Webex Flip. Samsung Flip+Cisco Webex Room Kit.

Webex Flip. Samsung Flip+Cisco Webex Room Kit.

Webex Flip. Samsung Flip + Cisco Webex Room Kit.

As announced in InfoComm 2019 (June 2019), Samsung and Cisco have presented the next phase of their strategic partnership to improve collaboration in the workplace. A meeting solution that involves the integration between the Samsung Flip series and CISCO Webex Room Kit. It will be available later this year. WEBEX FLIP.


“The partnership between global leaders Cisco and Samsung will transform the workplace,” says Sri Srinivasan, Senior Vice President and CEO of Webex Devices at Cisco. “Samsung’s visual display technology is second to none. The integration of these screens with the Cisco Webex room kit series will change the meeting room experience for distributed teams, whether they meet in meeting spaces or are jointly created. ”

“The collaboration is at the heart of any big business and our partnership with Cisco, the leader in telepresence and networking technology, will allow us to transform work spaces,” said Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We look forward to working with Cisco to continuously innovate the way companies collaborate.”


Customizable solution for all meeting environments. Usage scenarios, Samsung Flip + CISCO Webex Room Kit, Webex Flip:

Samsung’s advanced visual screens integrate with Cisco audio and video technologies to give businesses customizable options. The technologies conform to the specifications of any meeting room, including the lighting environment and the number of participants involved.

Rooms up to 14 participants:

  • Lots of light in the environment and up to 14 participants: QM 65 “+ Webex Room Kit Plus
  • Little light in the environment and up to 14 participants: QB 65 “+ Webex Room Kit Plus

Rooms up to 7 participants:

  • Lots of light in the environment and up to 7 participants: QM 55 “+ Webex Room Kit
  • Little light in the environment and up to 7 participants: QB 55 “+ Webex Room Kit

Samsung’s new Flip 65 “is the first interactive screen to be incorporated into the enhanced Cisco version of the Webex room kit series that will be released later this year.

Small rooms Huddle space 3-4 participants:

  • Huddle Space, for 3-4 participants: Promote the use of video meetings, provide a small meeting room with the technology necessary to generalize the use of video meetings and document sharing. These are the first steps that companies are taking to achieve the transformation of the workplace. The seamless integration between Webex Room Kit Mini and Samsung 4K UHD Signage QMR Series will provide the perfect huddle-in-a-box with optimized experiences that include:
    • The only plug-and-play, ready-to-use huddle video solution available in today’s market
    • Access to cognitive collaboration capabilities: facial recognition, optimal framing, noise detection, knowledge of people …
    • One-button access to access the entry of the number of Webex meetings through the Touch 10 device
    • Device management: on premises and in the cloud

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Therefore, it seems that Cisco’s experience in collaboration and intelligence of the Webex Room Kit series with Samsung’s SMART signaling technology will transform modern meeting space into highly productive environments.

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