Unboxing Meraki MV12 Camera and MX67c Firewall

Meraki Unboxing

Unboxing Meraki MV12 Camera and MX67c Firewall

Unboxing Meraki MV12 Camera and MX67c Firewall

In this article we will see the use of Cisco Meraki technology in the company and its more practical applications with our Consultants Jonathan Gómez and Ignacio Marco, who reveal the first impressions.

Meraki MV12 camera

Hardware characteristics

Built-in high-strength solid state storage of 256 GB

1080p video recording with H.264 encoding

73 ° horizontal field of view (FOV)

802.11ac wireless


Industry-leading chipset for advanced analytics

An industry-leading processor allows advanced on-board analysis functionality

Compact and functional design.

Attractive and useful design that is combined with any space.

Compact form factor

Granular access controls

Control who can see live and historical images.

Limit access to video export

Grant viewing access to individual cameras or device labels

Cloud management

Visibility and control throughout the network.

Local or remote transmission: the cloud automatically routes video streaming

Create and organize video walls.

Export video clips to a link to share or download


FireWall MX67c


State firewall performance: 450 Mbps

Recommended maximum customers: 50

Small Form Factor

Centralized management based on the cloud.

Managed centrally through the web.

Classify applications, users and devices.

Implementations of zero-touch self-provisioning

Networks and security

Firewall with status

Auto VPN ™ site-to-site VPN autoconfiguration

Active Directory integration

Identity-based policies Client VPN (IPsec)

Failover 3G / 4G via CAT 6 LTE or USB modem

Traffic modeling and application management.

Layer 7 application visibility and traffic configuration

Application prioritization

Advanced security services 1

Content filtering

Google SafeSearch and YouTube for schools

Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS / IPS)

Advanced protection against malware (AMP)

Cisco Threat Grid 2

1 Requires advanced security license

2 Requires subscription to the Threat Grid cloud (more information)

More information

Camara Meraki MV12   

Cisco MX67c 


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