The importance of changing customer care

The importance of changing customer care

The importance of changing customer care
Each day is more important to our customers in an increasingly competitive environment and exclusive differential treatment is our best tool to keep.
The usual problems of good care increased channels through which our clients present and future can interact with us, traditional telephone and mail has been adding the sum chat and increasingly popular social networking sites.
In such a diverse environment is important to find solutions that will allow us to centralize in the best way possible all the information we receive. That will allow us to maintain a complete statistical information, prompt attention and optimization of our resources.
So far, these solutions were very oriented to large companies, with dedicated customer service and a large number of agents departments, which acted as a barrier to entry for companies that, although they had the same need, were a more reduced size.
With 6000 Business Edition, Cisco provides a comprehensive solution that allows us to go a step further in our level of customer service. With an open environment that allows easy interaction with other tools within our company (CRM’s, ERP’s, etc …) Cisco BE6K is a great opportunity for SMEs to upgrade their voice and video while including or modernizes its service Contact Center.
The fact that it is a multichannel solution validated for a distributed environment, together with the licensing special price for the first 5 agents and the proliferation of third party developers that complement and add functionality to the platform, not only confirms a great opportunity for SMEs to take that leap of quality and be at the forefront of technology in customer service.

Author Rene Pregonas

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