SOLUTEL TICs Talk: Technology for secure teletraining.

There is no longer any doubt that COVID19 has done more for digitization in countless sectors than all the efforts of thousands of dedicated professionals over the last 10 years. And at a stroke, from one day to the next. The only way to achieve some normality in our lives, during confinement, was to go to telework; and, from educational centers, to teletraining.

However, improvisation was the general trend: TVE chose to modify its television schedule of the second channel, changing cartoons for educational content according to stages (something that, by the way, should consider maintaining it or creating a channel only with curricular content “a the letter “of primary and secondary); Hundreds of schools dumped homework on their communication platforms; Others took teletraining to its purest state, with teachers connected to their students explaining the corresponding syllabus, through PDI and sharing the virtual class online, recording it and serving as reinforcement for the students in the hours and days that followed.

Through these sessions we want to hear from you as professionals in the education sector , know your casuistry in depth, know what the initial problems were and evaluate which technologies could be implemented quickly and enjoy a high success rate.

Faced with a hypothetical outbreak of covid19 (or another virus that would force subsequent confinements), how would an educational center proceed to continue its school year with total normality? What technologies can be used to avoid fraud in the exams? …

This first TICs Talk of SOLUTEL will channel how the education sector has faced such a paradigmatic course past its equator; from 100% face-to-face to 100% online training. This opens up a series of interesting questions for the future. If teleworking has come to stay in many sectors, how will it apply in education? What will happen to classrooms as we know them? What will the teacher support materials be like? Will the book continue to be – physical- a value or will its format and / or content be modified? Will this new scenario be conducive to the deployment of augmented / virtual reality in teletraining? These and other issues will be discussed among professionals in the education sector.

That is why we invite you -the next July 9, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. hours- to TICs Talk Solutel on Education; an event in a round table format, in which you actively participate providing us with your experience of these months, commenting on the problems you have encountered, characterized by its tremendous agility, with specific topics and under the umbrella of technology, cybersecurity and the most advanced telecommunications systems of the moment.

You only need a headset connected to your device for a better experience.

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