SOLUTEL TICs Talk: Influence of technology in the evolution of food products trade

As a result of the covid19 it has been revealed how the main food and beverage distributors have notably increased their turnover, with a demand that completely exceeded any type of forecast. Not surprisingly, during the first days many shelves were empty after users mass bought hundreds of basic necessities. However, did that effect happen among processors?

The pandemic – and its subsequent confinement – forced almost all companies to telecommute; something simple and simple for administrative and management positions, but hardly feasible for jobs that consisted of “making” the aforementioned products.

What were the main problems that professionals in this sector had to address during the pandemic? What challenges does this sector have ahead – apart from this international crisis – in order to increase its turnover in a sustainable way during the coming years? Some of the best kept secrets are related to the preparation of food and / or drinks. How important is the security and confidentiality of communications in this sector?

These will be just some of the main points that we will address in our 3rd SOLUTEL TICS TALK, under the title “Influence of technology in the evolution of food products trade”.

If you are a professional in this sector, we invite you to participate and / or follow this virtual roundtable live by streaming and which will be held next Thursday, September 17, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

You only need a headset connected to your device for a better experience.

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