Solutel responds: What is CISCO WEBEX TEAMS?


Solutel responds: What is CISCO WEBEX TEAMS?

With Cisco Webex Teams you are always connected.

Access meetings with virtual spaces, messages, file sharing, whiteboards and video calls, safely.

See the following video where our colleague Álvaro Almadana answers the question: What is CISCO WEBEX TEAMS?

Cisco Webex Teams offers unlimited and secure “virtual rooms” for collaboration between work teams.

Participants in a “virtual room” can:

  • Send messages safely and unlimitedly and share files. Customers can manage their own encryption keys on-site for additional control.
  • Instantly view files without downloading to get important information quickly.
  • Start video calls and view the shared screen.
  • Review message and file history so everyone can stay up to date, regardless of time zone or location.
  • Work safely with comprehensive content encryption so your messages, room names and files are always safe.
  • Participate and collaborate from your mobile device, computer or even browser, anywhere and anytime.

Do you want a free trial of Webex Teams?

Do not hesitate, ask us!

You can download the application for free for mobile or tablet from Google Play or Apple Store, you can also download it in Windows version on your desktop or work from your browser.


End-to-end encryption.

Your messages, files and notes on the board are fully encrypted from your device to theirs. Customers can manage their own encryption keys on-site for additional control.

Protect your users’ devices.

Administrators can manage corporate or personal devices with controls such as PIN lock and the ability to erase data if a device is lost.

Control what is shared.

Users can make teamwork private by locking spaces so that only moderators can add others. Administrators can integrate data loss prevention (DLP) tools, including Cisco Cloudlock, or even block users to prevent them from sharing files, thereby maintaining the company’s data policies.

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