SOLUTEL ICT Talk: Transformation of the healthcare sector in the 21st century

What will healthcare be like in the 21st century? When will it be advocated for a “health passport” that allows any citizen of the world to travel freely and that doctors around the world know – in case of emergency – fundamental data such as their most recent medical history, etc.?

Covid19 has very definitively promoted teleworking in many sectors, teletraining in the educational system … When will patients be able to enjoy a full user experience with telemedicine? And how this can be a lever in remote areas.

We will address these and many other issues in our 2nd SOLUTEL TICs Talk under the heading “Transformation of the health sector in the 21st century”.

If you are a professional in the healthcare sector and want to know first-hand how healthcare will advance -from the point of view of technology-, We will wait for you in the virtual round table next Thursday, July 23, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

This 2nd TICs Talk of SOLUTEL will have a virtual round table format where we hope to have the participation of all attendees, it will be broadcast live by streaming, and we want to be a speaker of the casuistry of the health sector with a clear focus on technology. Likewise, it will be inevitable not to insert covid19. How should technologies be prepared to stop a pandemic like the one experienced just a few months ago?

You only need a headset connected to your device for a better experience.

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