Reduce costs! The allocation of internal internal resources to manage unforeseen problems of inactivity or growth can increase costs because it requires employees specialized in various technologies and distributed in different national or international locations.

This type of support consists of a service for monthly fee + PACK HOURS.
• Preference care of incidents. Availability quota. Attention before 15 minutes.
• Remote interventions according to the PACK HOURS without expiration.
• SPECIALIZED AND CERTIFIED human and technical resources in unified IP networks.
• Remote monitoring 24 hours on demand.
• Telephone support / email / video conferencing / webex / eticketing.
• Network consulting: Improvement proposals.


• Hardware and Software malfunctions.
• Replacement management and RMA generation.
• Shipments of defective material.
• Status information service requests.
• Modification of parameters.
• Changes: controlling infrastructure changes to minimize service interruption.
• Configurations: control of IT infrastructure components.
• Versions: managing the distribution of new versions of software and hardware.

It is necessary that the client has active the guarantees of CISCO.