What technology trends does Cisco consider especially significant for 2020? Part II. Trends in Network Operations.

What technology trends does Cisco consider especially significant for 2020? Part II. Trends in Network Operations.

According to Rich Plane, CTO of Cisco Customer Experience, within five years, the teams of network operations they will be much more effective in doing what their organizations need them to do. They will be aligned with the business of the company.

In the CISCO Global Network Trends Survey of 2019, IT leaders and network managers have been asked how they would classify their network operations from the range of reactive network to network optimized with the business.

The result is that only today, 23% is considered predictive or optimized for the business, and 71% plan to be there in two years.

These data highlight the urgency in organizations to prepare for the growing demands of the network.

Here are his predictions on how this will happen.

End to end guarantee:

Network operations teams can perform a predictive problem detection and an analysis of the cause of failure in any client, device or any commercial service, hosted anywhere, and quickly determine if the network is the cause of performance degradation of any service.

Integrating the business and IT:

Network operations will be able to rebalance your approach from participating almost exclusively in monitoring and troubleshooting the network to having an external approach to the business and how the network can best meet your needs.

New operational functions will be established with the understanding of the business and the requirements of the application in network policies.

NetOps and SecOps operate together:

The NetOps and SecOps teams will develop integrated and optimized workflows, enabled by data exchange, automatic transfers and interactions between platforms and tools.

NetOps extends monitoring to the cloud:

As multi-cloud business services become the norm, NetOps teams will extend visibility and predictive monitoring through WAN and public networks and to the point of presence in the cloud.

To gain an even greater perspective, business IBN systems will begin to integrate data from the service provider and cloud provider systems to ensure a continuous quality of experience for cloud services.

Change management based on models:

The most advanced NetOps processes, such as “hypothetical” analyzes of any changes made to the network, will extend beyond the data center and will be generalized.

Autonomous and self-correcting workflows:

Some less impressive workflows will be completely automated. This will allow the network to take corrective or life cycle management measures without human operator intervention.

The result of this data-driven and intent-validated approach will provide much higher levels of service continuity due to error minimization.

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Introducing a Next Generation Network Operations Framework .

To help prepare for an intent-based network-driven future of network operations, the technology experts at Cisco Customer Experience They have created a framework that offers strategic guidance, best practices, validated designs, proven processes, and recommended settings. At the heart of this model are three critical areas of the process: life cycle management, policy management and security management.

A new mindset: manage the network controller.

One of the most profound changes in network operations will be the change of focus from the device to the controller. Until now, network administrators have typically provisioned and collected network information when logging into devices. With automation models, administrators will focus on managing the controller, integrations and processes in relation to the controller. The more an organization can accept this change, the faster it can improve the quality, cost, agility and security of the service.

Life cycle management

Policy management


Lea el informe de CISCO 2020 Global Networking  in network operations Trends Report:

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