The WPA2 protocol has been tampered with. WIFI compromised security.

The WPA2 protocol has been tampered with. WIFI compromised security.

They have appeared a few hours ago, news about a series of errors in the core of the WPA2 protocol that could expose the connections that are made through your WiFi. The WPA2 Wi-Fi protocol is one of the most common and used in the world. This would be a big problem at all levels, from individuals to companies  

What does this mean?

This allows an attacker to "listen" to traffic passing between computers and access points through an attack designed to exploit them. It's called KRACK, short for Key Reinstallation Attacks, and it works by exploiting the WPA2's "four-way handshake." Take advantage of the four-way handshake that is used the first time you connect to a network with a WiFi network, and which establishes the keys with which your traffic is encrypted.  

How can it affect me?

First, the attacker must be within range of the WiFi network since it is not a remote attack. An attacker who is physically close to your network or router could steal your WiFi password, check your activity on the Internet, intercept unencrypted connections. If someone wants to exploit this vulnerability has to be physically close to your computer, so any Internet cracker can not enter it. And even if you do, you can only access information that is unprotected in your network. And there is a lot of other private information that does not delegate to WPA2 protocols. For example, every time you enter an HTTPS protected web, your browser "negotiates" an independent encryption layer. This means that even if your WiFi is compromised, the information you exchange with secure webs will remain protected. In any case, it is still a serious problem. These vulnerabilities could disrupt existing communications within a network. More details will be given in a few hours.    

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