Micro surveys are here with Purple!

Micro surveys are here with Purple!

What is Purple ?

Purple is the leading social Wi-Fi platform on the market and is ideal for businesses of any size that want to analyze their customers while making profits on their premises. As an example hotel sector, shops, restaurants…

What can Purple add to your existing WIFI solutions?

Wi-Fi analytics

Purple helps you gain insight into customers. Purple ‘s analytics platform provides real-time customer data that is secure and available at any time. A wide range of tools will help you segment and analyze your audience like never before.

Characteristics of Purple

social options

  • social login
  • Likes and followers for the registration process
  • A social post of choice when customers log in
  • Social media management tool

Data and Analysis

  • number of visitors
  • Sex, age and location of the client
  • Type of device used
  • visit time
  • Individual access to customer data

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