Taking notes in meetings is a thing of the past. “EVA” the new Business Voice Assistant.

"EVA" the new Business Voice Assistant

Taking notes in meetings is a thing of the past. “EVA” the new Business Voice Assistant.

Taking notes in meetings is a thing of the past

CISCO presents to “EVA” the new Business Voice Assistant that will allow us to take notes and transcripts in our meetings. This is the acquisition of Voicea.

How many times have notes been taken in a meeting and never sent to the team involved?

In meetings, how many times do you not take notes?

How many times because you were taking notes in the meeting have you not actively participated?

Voicea provides a voice collaboration platform powered by Enterprise Voice Assistant (EVA).

What is EVA?

EVA is a powerful transcription service that combines artificial intelligence and automated speech recognition (ASR). This allows you to give commands, take actions, and capture meeting highlights, share them, and create accessible meeting summaries.“EVA” the new Business Voice Assistant.

Use EVA in your conference calls, direct calls and face-to-face meetings so you can focus on the conversation knowing that EVA will capture and share what stands out.

EVA uses voice commands to create reminders, tasks, answer questions, and provide meeting summaries. For example, say “Ok EVA, remind me to send the presentation to Juan, Thursday at 4 pm” and EVA enters your calendar to create a reminder.

Voicea is the leader in the development of a voice assistant for exclusive use at work, customized according to your needs to increase productivity and improve team collaboration.

With EVA in their meetings, participants can focus on the conversation and ensure that their team has all the information they need to move quickly by the end of the meeting.





Easy to use:

Add [email protected] as a meeting attendee or sync your calendar and EVA will automatically join any meeting with a markup. You can also open the mobile app and start a recording for in-person meetings.

Voicea connects what happens in your meetings with the rest of your collaboration workflow, sending notes and action items through email, Slack, Salesforce, and using basic voice commands to execute specific actions.

EVA will automatically send you a meeting summary after each meeting, or you can send meeting highlights directly to Webex Teams. EVA captures the main conclusions and highlights of the meetings.

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