Solutel celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2012

Solutel celebrates its 15th Anniversary in 2012

Solutel in this year 2012, celebrates its 15th Anniversary.

The company has planned a series of actions, events and communications to share this celebration with its clients, suppliers, collaborators.
Solutel founded in Valencia (Spain) began its activity in 1997 developing remote access projects within the scope of this community. Starting in 1999, the date on which Solutel obtained the CISCO SYSTEMS Certified Premier Partner certification, it evolves with the market and reorients its activity to focus on the implementation and maintenance of Telecommunications and Systems Engineering projects within the broad spectrum of IP networks. , security and network support. This evolution is reaffirmed in 2002, the year in which Solutel specializes in VoIP, thus recognizing all its technical and Know-How capacity for the design, installation and maintenance of multi-service networks.
The solutions presented by SOLUTEL are based on the integration of third-party products with its own services, ensuring that each project adjusts to the special requirements of our clients.
1997 – Start of Solutel activity
1999 – CISCO SYSTEMS Certified Premier Partner Certification
2002 – VoIP Specialization
2004 – Opening Office in Barcelona
2009 – Opening Office in Murcia
2008 – Solutel is recognized by CISCO as the best Premier Partner in Spain
2012 – Opening Office in Madrid
2012 – 15th Anniversary SOLUTEL
We congratulate Mr. Tomás Civera Molla and Mr. Enric San Valero García for their effort and dedication to the company during these 15 years of work.
Solutel, 15 years connected

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