Redefine Webex Engagement with Slido Questionnaires, Polls, and More


Redefine Webex Engagement with Slido Questionnaires, Polls, and More

Meetings can be engaging and participatory if you have the right tools. Skip conferences where only the speaker is active and focus on audience participation before, during, and after the meeting. With Slido, you can use polls, word clouds, questions and answers, and much more to brainstorm, gauge opinions and understanding, or even get to know your customers or co-workers better.

Solid Joins Webex

Slido is included with the Webex Enterprise license, so once you sign up, you can start creating more engaging and interactive meetings.

Use surveys to gauge understanding and enthusiasm, to get to know your team or customers better, or even to open your meeting with an icebreaker talk. As the meeting organizer, you can create all the polls, share the link, ask participants to submit their questions publicly or anonymously, and share the results and comments with all meeting attendees. It is that easy. You can even view post-meeting analytics to see who has participated the most.

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What can I do in Webex with Slido?



During a meeting or at the end of it, you can carry out a contest with questions and answers in which a ranking of the participant will appear with the most correct answers and the fastest in time. Motivate your audience.


Transform your lectures into engaging conversations with guests using live polls, word clouds, and polls. Ask your attendees what they think about an idea or what they think about what you just shared to get feedback in real time.
You can use Solid to create all kinds of surveys, such as multiple choice, rating, open response, word cloud, and more. Participants can also vote or answer questions publicly or anonymously.

Encourage your audience to participate by brainstorming a topic.

Word cloud
Multiple choice

Question and answer sessions

Slido raises the bar on your basic question and answer sessions with interactive polls. Attendees can post questions and vote for them to ensure the most important ones are answered first. Rather than trying to speak on top of everyone else, guests can simply post their questions (anonymously or publicly) and wait for an answer. As the host, you can answer questions in chat or verbally during the meeting. You can also save the questions for another session.


Who is ready for a pop quiz? Measure understanding or enthusiasm by quickly creating a quiz before or during the meeting. You can also use the quizzes in the classroom or in a training session to raise the level of participation. After completing the questionnaire, view the responses and decide what actions to complete next.

Analysis and information

Slido’s analytics feature allows you to examine poll data, see who has participated with Slido during your meeting, and even understand the enthusiasm behind the questions your audience asked. Easily see all this and find out who were the most active, who showed the most enthusiasm, and who could adequately influence to win customers. After the meeting, share the results using infographics.


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