November Events: Telepresence Solutions 29-11-2011

Telepresencia CISCO SOLUTEL
Telepresence CISCO SOLUTEL

Cisco TelePresence Breakfast 2011. MADRID-VALENCIA-BARCELONA

2 hours that will change the way you work, communicate and collaborate in your company...

Videoconferencing and Telepresence solutions offer us many more benefits than the traditional meeting of two or more people located in different places... Today more than ever the productivity of people and efficiency of resources is a critical factor to increase the competitiveness of our organizations and teams... The solution, find new ways to optimize operational efficiency in order to improve productivity and competitiveness. Cisco offers you the most complete portfolio of Videoconferencing and Telepresence solutions on the market. A range of products ranging from PC video conferencing solutions to immersive Telepresence solutions, through personal video conferencing equipment and meeting rooms. For you to get to know our Videoconferencing and Telepresence solutions in a personalized and detailed way, we invite you to our next Cisco TelePresence Breakfasts. In just 2 hours you will be able to learn in detail and in a practical way our complete portfolio of Videoconferencing and Telepresence solutions as well as specific applications for your particular environment. Cisco TelePresence Agenda 09.30: Coffee 10.00: Welcome - Cisco Telepresence & Videoconferencing Solutions 11.00: Practical Demos 12.00: How to finance these solutions This complete fully interoperable portfolio adapts to each and every one of your needs, allowing both SMEs, AA.PP and large corporations to enjoy all the advantages of visual communications, through a deployment adapted to their needs and those of their employees... Do not miss the opportunity in just two hours to discover a new way of communicating, collaborating and working... We are waiting for you. REGISTRATION CISCO London Ave. de la Vega, 15 28100 Alcobendas Madrid CISCO Barcelona Avda. diagonal, 682 08034 Barcelona Cisco Valencia Avda. Valencian Courts, 58 46015 Valencia Available dates: November 29th

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