Meraki WIFI6 access points for harsh environments MR46E, MR76, MR86

At Cisco Meraki they strive to provide solutions that help us stay current with the latest technology and anticipate customer needs. With that philosophy, they announce new wireless access points (MR46E, MR76, MR86) , which provide support for Wi-Fi 6 and offer state-of-the-art coverage for tough indoor and outdoor environments. With these new models, it is now easier to cover large interior spaces with high ceilings, spaces with more complicated signal propagation, or spaces with an odd shape, such as the long corridors of a hospital.

MR46E Punto de acceso inalámbrico de interior para espacios difíciles de cubrir:

MR46E makes it easy to maintain wireless coverage in large indoor spaces with high ceilings, or in areas where signal propagation is more difficult, often due to obstacles such as walls, windows, or long corridors.

MR76 y MR86 Punto de acceso inalámbrico de exterior para espacios con características adversas:

The new outdoor models, MR76 and MR86 , they benefit from an IP67 rating to resist dust, shock, vibration and humidity, and can operate in a wide range of temperatures. With a range of antenna options, these access points enable Wi-Fi 6 coverage for outdoor spaces.


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Highlights of MR46E, MR76 and MR86

All three models are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 ™, which support high-density features like MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and power-saving features like Lens Activation Time (TWT). They all feature a quad radio architecture with 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, security scanning, and IoT radios.

  • MR86 is a robust 4 × 4: 4 multi-gigabit access point with IP67 rating, with a maximum data rate of 3.5 Gbps for high-density outdoor environments. Use cases : High density and adverse radio frequency environments such as stadiums, outdoor deployments. Voice, video and performance intensive networks .
  • MR76 is an IP67 rated 2 × 2: 2 rugged outdoor access point with a maximum data rate of 1.7 Gbps. Use cases:  Harsh, industrial and outdoor environments. Voice, video and performance intensive networks .
  • The MR46E is a 4 × 4: 4 multi-gigabit access point, 3.5 Gbps maximum data rate, with automatically detectable external antennas. MR46E can reuse the same external antennas as MR53E. Use cases: Performance Critical Wireless LANs . High-density environments with adverse readiofrequency.

These new access points allow companies to extend Wi-Fi beyond indoor areas. Retail stores or schools may want to offer more outdoor Wi-Fi to accommodate social distancing. MR46E can offer focused wireless coverage, using directional antennas, its uses could be among others for warehouses or manufacturing plants with high ceilings, or hospitals and schools with long corridors.

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