Meraki MV12 Cloud Managed Indoor Security Cameras

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Meraki MV12 Cloud Managed Indoor Security Cameras

Just over a year ago, Cisco Meraki launched a new product category and expanded its portfolio to include security cameras. The introduction of MV brought a revolutionary architecture to the world of physical security, placing the video storage and processing in the same camera . Today we present MV12, which represents a great leap in security cameras and advanced video analytics.

Meraki MV12 Cloud Managed Indoor Security Cameras

Video surveillance without the need for NVRs or VMS recording systems, all managed from the cloud and, above all, easy to configure. Simplicity in every sense of the word.

We highlight the centralized cloud management , which allows us to access the image in real time, configure and make all the adjustments from any device authorized for it.

MV12 presents an innovative an architecture that places storage locally on the camera and remove the video recorder network (NVR) of the equation. This not only drastically simplifies installation but also removes a major network security vulnerability . Dispose of remote troubleshooting tools reducing resolution time and freeing do the staff of you.

Because MV is managed through the browser based on control panel Meraki and works with a licensed model, there is no need to purchase, download and maintain any additional software.
Management through the Meraki control panel ensures that firmware updates will be deployed continuously throughout the life of the product.

The MV12 model improving excellence: Wifi, object detection and machine learning

Unlike many other video analytics solutions that require bulky servers, expensive software, and often dedicated hardware to operate, MV12 stays true to Meraki’s core values by offering an all-in-one solution. Take advantage of the same hardware that powers many of the smartphones, and put one in each camera, the work of analyzing the video happens in the same camera, not in the cloud or on a server.

What does this mean in terms of functionality?

With an industry leading processor, the MV12 models are not only capable of providing high definition video (1080p) , but also allow built-in analytical capabilities that previously and as we have discussed, additional software and hardware was necessary. Once installed, they harness the power of vision and machine learning . These cameras will learn to identify categories of objects, such as people ( not to be confused with “facial recognition”, which links images to unique identities) and you get more precision over time . To give examples, over time, MV12 will quantify how many people walked through a store window or people at a bus stop, defining patterns of behavior.

The design and internal architecture of the cameras They allow you to store up to 256Gb of information, without the need for any external system , and thanks to intelligent development, Meraki cameras they are able to process the scenery and only save the information when changes are made to the image , so all the unnecessary information does not waste resources:

meraki mv21-1
meraki mv21-1

The following video shows how the Cisco Meraki MV works motion search and how it facilitates retroactive identification of critical events without using the fast forward button:

MV12 is an indoor camera with easy video management, easy to export and share video clips, bandwidth optimization, cloud management and through machine learning it adds the ability to detect objects and even people.

The new generation of meraki cameras MV12 , which among other features includes:

    • Managed in the cloud with full integration into the Meraki dashboard
    • Plug and Play deployment with auto-configuration
    • Remote focus and aperture adjustment
    • Dynamic transition from day to night with IR illumination
    • Optimized motion indexing engine with historical search
    • Shared video panel with individual layouts supporting multiple cameras
    • Selective export capability with cloud proxy
    • Video Processing for Object Detection with Machine Learning
    • Motion-based retention and scheduling
    • Highly granular view, review and export of user permissions with SAML integration

All specifications: meraki MV camera

We make a hardware comparison between the three MV12 models

MV12W , with a wide field of view (FOV), provides contextual images

MV12N , with a narrow FOV helps to identify subjects

MV12WE offers small storage and a wide field of view at an economical price level

Meraki MV12N Meraki MV12W Meraki MV12WE
1/3 “4MP (2688 × 1520) progressive CMOS image sensor
high endurance solid state storage 256GB 256GB 128GB
mm focal length 3.8mm 2.8mm 2.8mm
f / 1.8 minimum aperture
73 ° horizontal 114 ° horizontal 114 ° horizontal
44 ° vertical 61 ° vertical 61 ° vertical
86 ° diagonal 132 ° diagonal 132 ° diagonal
1 / 32,000s to 1 / 30s shutter speed
Minimum illumination 0.18 Lux (standard recording) and 0.01 Lux (night mode)
S / N Ratio 52.9dB
Built-in IR illuminators, effective up to 15m (49ft)
1080p HD video recording (1920 × 1080) with H.264 encoding
Cloud augmented edge storage (video at the edge, metadata in the cloud)
Direct live streaming with no client software (native browser playback) **
Stream video anywhere with autotmatic cloud proxy
Full disk encryption (256-bit)
Automatically purchased and provisioned TLS certificates (publicly-signed)
1x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet (RJ45)

Dual band WLAN 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
DSCP traffic marking
** Browser support for H.264 decoding required.

Do you want to try this security camera at no cost?

With the Meraki Trial program, you can test any combination of Cisco Meraki products on your network at no charge. If Meraki is not right for you, simply return the equipment with the return label that is shipped.

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