Installation of Wi-Fi network in Enseñanza y Promoción SA Colegio Ntra. Mrs. de la Vega

Installation of Wi-Fi network in Enseñanza y Promoción SA Colegio Ntra. Mrs. de la Vega

The Colegio Ntra. Mrs. de la Vega is located in Madrid, Calle Chantada, 28. It has approximately twenty-eight rooms distributed over two floors with classrooms, laboratories, assembly hall, audiovisual room ... Infrastructure used in this project: • 28 802.11g 1041 Single-band Controller-based access points with integrated antennas. • 1 controller from the 2500 Series Wireless Controller with support for up to 50 access points. This controller provides centralized security policies, Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (wIPS), and Quality of Service (QoS) for voice and video. Offers 802.11n performance and scalability. • 1 switch of the 2960 series with 48 PoE ports, powers the 28 access points. “With the implementation of this project, the infrastructure has been improved and we have adapted to new technologies. Enseñanza y Promoción SA, has wanted to provide teachers and students with Internet connection from the different rooms. A wireless network has been deployed, and the solution has consisted in the installation and configuration of: - 28 access points between classrooms, auditoriums, etc ... distributed over two floors - Provide WIFI 802.11n coverage in all rooms - Install High Performance Switching - Provide fiber Internet connection - Control of access points from a single device, the controller ”. IT Manager, Colegio Ntra. Mrs. de la Vega   About Solutel:

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