Increased price memories UCS

Increased price memories UCS

Increased price memories UCS

As has happened several times this year, the trend in the industry of raising the prices of memories continues. This has caused Cisco, like the other manufacturers, to be forced to raise the prices of memories that incorporate some of their equipment.

Next November 4 prices will rise for the following Cisco product memories


  • Memories for M4 servers
  • Memories for the Hyperflex Solution

The reasons for the increase in price of memories?

The main reason for this additional price increase is due to the scarcity of memory. Manufacturers are having trouble making 3D-NAND memories. These memories are more efficient in consumption, space and will allow in the long term to reduce the price of chips. And second, it is the increase in demand that is increasing.

Manufacturers warn that part of the chips that were destined to supply the market demand will be stored, which will lead to higher prices.

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