cisco webex room series

Are you familiar with the Cisco Webex Room Series family?

I present to you the complete family of Cisco Webex Room Series. Not the future is the present, create your own video experience based on the size of the room and the number of participants. Room 55 | Roomm 55 Dual | Room 70 G2 | Room Kit | Room Kit Plus | Room Kit Mini | Room Kit Pro

Cisco Webex Room 55 Single


Cisco Webex Room 55 Dual


Cisco Webex Room 70 G2

Fully integrated system with a single 55-inch 4K display. Fully integrated system with dual 55-inch 4K displays. Fully integrated system with single or dual 70-inch 4K display (s)
Powerful speaker system with built-in bass. Powerful speaker system with built-in bass. Stereo sound optimized for voice.
For small - medium rooms, capacity seven people. For medium rooms with capacity for 12 people. For larger rooms with capacity for 14 people and complex video displays.
Based on Room Kit technology. Based on Room Kit Plus technology Based on Room Kit Pro

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

Cisco Webex Room Kit


Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus


Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro

Camera and codec in a device that integrates with 4K display. Camera and codec in a device that integrates with your screen. Separate Codec Plus and Quad Camera integrate with your display Powerful codec for complex and custom video deployments
120 degree field of view for gathering spaces For rooms with capacity for seven people. For larger and deeper rooms with capacity for 14 people. Designed for boardrooms, auditoriums and very large rooms.
Optimized for rooms of two to five people. For up to three screens, multiple cameras, content sources.
Easy installation and management
Use with your software video conferencing application via USB

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In the following video you can see for each of the Cisco Webex Room models, the recommended size of the rooms and number of people:

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