Cognitive collaboration? The workspace revolution

CISCO Cognitive Collaboration:

There is a new concept at CISCO that is very important for us to know: Cognitive Collaboration or Cognitive Workplace. This new concept will allow us to create more human connections . Let's imagine ourselves in a meeting with several people, in face-to-face format and videoconference, what do we know about these people? Their names? Work experience? Current position? Company where you work? People in common? What information do we have about your company ? ... Prior knowledge of this information helps to foster connections between people, to have more human relationships that translate into greater involvement in the project for the benefit of your business. "digital assistants, facial recognition, information on the profiles of people and companies in meetings, noise suppression and audio transcripts" WATCH VIDEO Different time zones, workplaces and applications ... teamwork today is complex. #Webex presents the new way of collaborating in organizations that integrates information from people, intelligence of relationships, artificial intelligence and business processes. Create high-performance teams and improve customer experiences with artificial intelligence, to foster more personalized connections between people, more human connectivity . One of the most important concepts is the ability to obtain instant information (insights) in time to get to know the people in the meeting better, connect emotionally with the participants, making meetings more productive.

How will cognitive collaboration improve the way I work?

For example, cognitive collaboration provides intelligence Of relationship which gives us information such as biographies, work history, titles and reporting structure, and the facial recognition provides name tags in the meeting to help you know who is who in the room. The digital assistants they help us easily perform collaboration-related tasks such as joining a meeting, calling a contact, and recording a call, and can proactively communicate when a meeting is about to begin. Cognitive collaboration is extended across the collaboration platform, so whether you're in a meeting using conferencing devices, collaborating in a team space, or making a call, you'll have the just-in-time information you need to take your collaborative efforts to the next level of your business.

For what Cognitive Collaboration?

To improve business results. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with cloud communications and multiple sources of business information enables people to work together with greater context. The cognitive collaboration :
  • Eliminate friction points
  • Create greater relevance to achieve greater efficiency
  • Improve productivity
  • Inspire innovation
  • Create more experiences that captivate customers
It describes a fundamental change in the way people work together and leverage technology to foster human relationships, build better customer experiences, and ultimately reach team goals faster.

How does cognitive collaboration work?

By combining natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms in cloud hardware, software, and analytics, users receive contextual information throughout their business communications. This approach enables advanced capabilities such as digital assistants, facial recognition, profiles of people and companies in meetings, noise suppression and audio transcripts.

Do you want to know more about Cognitive Collaboration?

Do not hesitate, ask us!

Fundamental Aspects of Cognitive Collaboration

Context of people

  • Offers relevant information about people's profiles and actions
  • Build stronger relationships

Business workflows

  • Prevents based on previous actions
  • Recommend, identify and anticipate
  • Improve processes, experiences and results

Information insights

  • Learn from user profiles, feedback, responses, preferences, and interactions
  • Provide relevant information to reduce the productivity gap

Intelligence in the workplace

  • Makes collaboration more intuitive
  • Adapts to different types of user, interactions and meetings
  • Accelerate decision making

What do we achieve with Cognitive Collaboration?

We manage to improve business results, let's see how:
  • Process efficiency:
    • Automate tasks and events
    • Optimize workflows
    • Deepen knowledge and remove barriers
  • Staff productivity:
    • Provide the necessary context for interactions
    • Improve collaboration
    • Increase employee productivity
  • Customer experience:
    • Boost the contact center from reactive to predictive care
    • Enable agents with context to improve first contact resolutions
    • Improves customer journey and lifetime value
  • Competitive advantage:
    • Accelerate business processes and communications
    • Improves responsiveness
    • Encourage interactions with customers
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