CISCO: Voice, video, instant messaging and document exchange

CISCO: Voice, video, instant messaging and document exchange

Cisco voice, video, instant messaging, and document exchange

Cisco offers all the tools you need to collaborate

Voz, vídeo, mensajería instantánea
Voice, video, instant messaging

Cisco offers you all the tools your customers and their employees need to collaborate ( voice, video, instant messaging and document exchange ) in an integrated solution accessible from mobile devices or from the meeting room. Additionally, the solution can be integrated into your operating systems to make video part of your collaborative culture.

See how video collaboration can increase productivity

Improve productivity by increasing collaboration between your teams.

The new mobile workplace requires knowledge sharing among a diverse workforce, and Cisco’s industry-leading collaboration solutions inspire and empower your employees to better work together from anywhere and on any device.

At Solutel we have been with CISCO for more than 18 years installing and supporting voice, video, instant messaging and document exchange. At Solutel we work to help your business grow. If you need more resources or information about video collaboration, or if you want to request a quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

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About Solutel:

Solutel With the aim of providing added value solutions to its customers, it offers the following solutions:

Networks without borders : Connect anyone, anywhere and with any device, securely, reliably and seamlessly.
– Routers
– Switches
– Wireless Technology
– Security
Collaboration: Help people collaborate, solve problems, make decisions and present proposals more quickly no matter the distance.
– Unified Communications, IP switchboards, video calls …
– Webex
– Telepresence
Data Center and Virtualization: Improve the way people in your company work, using the services of our infrastructure.
– Unified Computing
– Storage networks
– Data center switches
– Consulting
– Network migration
– Network update
– Proactive Support


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