CISCO JABBER optimizes business collaboration

CISCO JABBER optimizes business collaboration

Cisco Jabber is a unified communications application that combines voice and video, instant messaging, presence, voice messaging, conferencing, and desktop file sharing on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones platforms.

Jabber provides employees with an easy mechanism to quickly find other co-workers, check if they are available and through which terminal, and collaborate using their preferred method or device.

With Jabber it is possible to easily switch from an instant messaging conversation to voice or video communication or file sharing both from the office and on the move.

By being able to use the solution on a wide variety of platforms and from the most convenient location, workers can collaborate more quickly and efficiently, with the benefits that this entails: more agile decision making, advanced communication between employees and with workers in other companies and higher productivity.

Mobile capabilities

  • Mobile users will enjoy various communication capabilities, including presence, instant messaging, voice over WiFi, and visual voicemail.
  • Thanks to Jabber technology, workers can use a single work platform shared between their desk phone, mobile devices and PC, and make and receive calls over a WiFi connection as a complement to communication via cellular networks.

Video capabilities

  • High definition resolution based on the H.264 standard allows users to interoperate in high definition with Cisco TelePresence and other industry video solutions.
  • Users also benefit from multi-party video presence capabilities so that any one party can simultaneously view multiple video users during group or team communication.

Regardless of whether they use Mac, PC or mobile platforms, workers always demand great flexibility to communicate anytime, anywhere using voice, video, and instant messaging. Cisco Jabber addresses this need by providing advanced features and a

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