CISCO Email Security, Email Security and Office 365

CISCO Email Security

CISCO Email Security, Email Security and Office 365

CISCO Email Security, Email Security and Office 365

Cisco Email Security Stops Phishing, Business Email Attacks, Ransomware, and Spam; Plus, it improves security for Office 365 email.

Attackers primarily use email to distribute spam, malware, and other threats. To avoid breaches, you will need a powerful email security solution.

Cisco Email Security is a robust defense shield against phishing, corporate email attacks, and ransomware. Get threat intelligence updates every three to five minutes with Cisco Talos for the most up-to-date protection. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection tackles stealthy malware that comes in attachments; Plus, industry-leading smart URL technology combats malicious links. Cisco Email Security also improves security for Office 365 email.

It is also important to protect the emails that are sent. Cisco Email Security has data loss prevention and content encryption tools to protect sensitive information. This will help you comply with government and industry regulations.

Do you think your Office 365 cloud-based email is safe today?

Cisco believes that “good enough” security is not enough. While Microsoft offers security controls with Office 365, Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection and Email Security offer more robust security features, such as automatic mailbox remediation and superior threat intelligence from Talos. Adding Cisco email security and advanced malware protection to Office 365 means getting superior threat protection from a security vendor.

Worried about business email engagement?

Cisco email security includes spoofed email detection along with other technologies to help you better identify your sources, senders, and partners. It also helps identify targets, create rules around them, and place controls over sensitive data to help avoid business email compromise.

What solution does SOLUTEL recommend?

The Email Security Essentials + AMP + baseThreatGrid subscription package:

The Cisco Email Security Essentials suite offers protection against email-based threats and includes antispam, spam detection, Sophos antivirus solution, outbreak filters (protect your network from large-scale virus outbreaks and smaller non-viral attacks such as phishing scams and malware distribution), and spoofed email detection.

Threat Grid and AMP increase malware detection and blocking capabilities. With reputation-based file blocking, file sandboxing and hindsight for continuous threat analysis, even after they have passed through the email gateway.

Cisco Email Security automated solution to all email problems.

Try it free for 45 days, the best way to understand the benefits of Cisco Email Security is to give us a free trial for 45 days.

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