Evaluating migrating to the cloud? Where do I begin? Amazon Web Services (AWS)

aws migration cloud

Evaluating migrating to the cloud? Where do I begin? Amazon Web Services (AWS)

¿Evaluando migrar a la nube? ¿Por dónde empiezo? Amazon Web Services AWS

Migrate my email to Office 365? Have a BackUp in the cloud? Migrate any infrastructure? If you are thinking of migrating any of your resources to a cloud service, you have surely asked yourself these questions. It’s time to take a big leap, take your company to the cloud safely and professionally with Solutel as an AWS partner.

At Solutel we suggest that you begin your transition to the cloud with applications that are not critical to your business, so that you become familiar with the simplicity of this process and its formation… and then gradually migrate applications that are more critical to your business.

¿Por qué SOLUTEL ha elegido ser partner de AWS?

Because Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widely adopted and comprehensive cloud platform in the world, offering more than 175 end-to-end data center services globally. Millions of customers, including the fastest growing startups, the largest companies, and leading government agencies, are using AWS to reduce costs, increase agility, and innovate faster.

Unlike on-premises infrastructure, AWS requires no upfront investment. It’s easy to scale up and down, and you pay only for the capacity you use at any given time.

Productos de la nube AWS

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products, including resources for compute , storage , databases , analytics , networking , mobile devices , developer tools, management tools , IoT , security , and enterprise applications . These services help businesses move faster, lower IT costs, and scale. AWS is trusted by the largest companies and the most innovative startups to support a wide variety of workloads, such as web and mobile applications, game development, data storage and processing, general storage or archived, among many others.

Más seguro

AWS está diseñado para ser el entorno de informática en la nube más flexible y seguro disponible en la actualidad. La infraestructura principal se creó para cumplir con los requisitos de seguridad del ejército, los bancos internacionales y otras organizaciones que deben cumplir requisitos de confidencialidad estrictos. Esto cuenta con el respaldo de un amplio conjunto de herramientas de seguridad en la nube, con 230 servicios y características de seguridad, conformidad y gobernanza. Además, AWS es compatible con 90 estándares de seguridad y certificaciones de conformidad, y los 117 servicios de AWS que almacenan datos de los clientes ofrecen la función de cifrar los datos.


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