how the cloud has changed the way we live

how the cloud has changed the way we live

From time to time, I remember when I started an ISP back into late 90’s, and we offered housing and hosting to make life easier for our customers. When we first started out, we offered our customers liked to have their internet and applications into a secure place where it would always be up and running, have enough internet bandwidth, have their data secured and mostly importantly, with no service disruption. In hindsight, perhaps we can say that this was the beginning of the Cloud.


I remember how difficult and expensive it used to be to go online- whether it was the ability to have access to the internet from my home PC or being able to connect to my office remotely at a reasonable cost, or to keep an eye on my ISP servers/systems during the weekend. Nowadays we are always connected without thinking about it, at home, in the car or on the train, regardless of time of day. We take this advancement in technology for granted, we are always moving and we don’t even realize that we go from Cloud to Cloud and never lose connection.


The Cloud connects people, from anywhere and anytime. This is the power of the Cloud and it is changing the way that we communicate with the family, friends, colleagues and of course has had an impact on the way we work.   


Ramon Anfruns is founder of some IT companies at Spain, and He is an expert in networking at Solutel.

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