14 days free trial of Cisco Umbrella.

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14 days free trial of Cisco Umbrella.

14 days free trial of Cisco Umbrella.

No credit card or phone call is required.

Start in 30 seconds, click on the following link:

14 Day Free Trial of Cisco Umbrella

What is included?

Protection against threats like no other: malware blocking, C2 callbacks and phishing.

Predictive intelligence: automates protection against threats by discovering attacks before they are launched.

Worldwide coverage in minutes: no hardware to install or software to maintain.

Weekly security report: Get a personalized summary of malicious requests and more, directly in your inbox.

Need help?

Solutel advises you during the registration process. If you are interested contact us and we will help you start up the first defense mechanism of your company.

Contact us to get a free Cisco Umbrella trial for 14 days.

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Cisco Umbrella: simple and effective security from the cloud

What would happen if I could see and stop the cyber attackers even before they touched their perimeter? Or blocking threats that the rest of your security teams have overlooked?

Cisco can change the way you think in relation to security.
Leveraging the knowledge gained from more than 100 billion DNS requests per day, Cisco Umbrella provides your customers with comprehensive and live visibility of current threats.

Cisco Umbrella is a security platform in the Cloud that offers the first line of defense against Internet threats wherever users go. By providing security from the cloud, not only allows a greater economic savings, but also allows more effective security offers.

Simple to deploy
The browser-based interface provides fast configuration and continuous management
No additional latency
Does not require hardware to implement
No software to maintain
It provides visibility of Internet activity on all devices even when users are outside their corporate network.
Security for cloud applications such as Office 365 and Dropbox
Integration with your existing security system
Evolve with threats.

Umbrella is already the first defense layer of more than twelve thousand companies around the world.

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