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Solutel offers solutions in telecommunications, networks and IT services. We help companies transform the way people connect, communicate and collaborate securely. We optimize and secure your network traffic and data infrastructures, guaranteeing business continuity.


Solutel, telecommunications company and technology integrator, with over 25 years of experience designing, implementing and supporting complete technology solutions that add value to the business of our customers. The value of Solutel? Your interdisciplinary team


Faced with the growing expansion of virtualization and migration to the cloud and due to the high level of knowledge and specialization required in the IT world, having an outsourced IT support service has become a necessity for the IT departments of companies.


Interdisciplinary team of professionals focused on adding value and solving business and commercial challenges for our clients through the delivery of cutting-edge IT services and solutions.

Solutel has more than 25 years of experience in the world of information technology, accompanying its customers throughout the process and adapting the solutions to the needs that arise in the client due to the rapid changes due to the growing needs of digital transformation.
Solutel offers services of Analysis, Design, Implementation and Maintenance of collaboration and cybersecurity projects for CISCO | Meraki | Fortinet | AWS architecture.



Solutions for your business

We provide our clients with IT Services Outsourcing services.

The objective is that the professionals hired can manage and optimize the entire IT department or some of its areas, projects or tasks.

Take a look at what customers are saying about us:

A service company that provides your business with technological knowledge in the form of solutions.

Solutel offers services of Analysis, Design, Implementation and Maintenance of collaboration and cybersecurity projects for CISCO | Meraki | Fortinet | AWS architecture.

It is true that technology helps us in all areas of life,

in this case, CISCO’s solution helps us to increase that feeling of being part of a global team.

feeling of being part of a global team. Videoconferencing Project international scope.

Enrique LopezCFO - AM Fresh

The implementation of this project will benefit our customers, who will enjoy a better user experience when using

customers, who will enjoy a better user experience when contracting services with

contracting services with




upgrades its



for the benefit of business continuity.

Jacobo CardonaIT SMO Manager - GoldCar

With the implementation of this project, we have achieved speed in the deployment of new delegations and improved

deployment of new delegations and improved customer service by unifying communications

customers by unifying communications without losing a single call.


Contact Center Migration.

Julen UribetxebarriaDept. Logistics - Markennovy

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On-Site technicians, remote support 24x7 | 11x5, migrations, cybersecurity solutions, secure communications auditing, cloud PBX, wifi, video conferencing, network electronics...


We focus on adding value and solving our clients' main business challenges.

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