New Switch Meraki MS120-48FP

Meraki ms120-48

New Switch Meraki MS120-48FP

New Switch Meraki MS120-48FP

We want to inform you that the new Switch Meraki MS120-48FP from Cisco Meraki will be available from February 15, 2018.

On the characteristics of the MS120-48FP comment that it is rack mountable, PoE +, Layer 2 switch completes the MS120 family of products.

Its design is mainly aimed at small offices.

Finally, MS120-48FP is L2 Cloud-Managed Switch – 740W PoE, 48x 1GbE Ports.


Switches Managed by the Cloud:

Broadly speaking, the benefits of cloud management of Meraki switches are, first of all, a simplified management, provide less complexity, provide a wide visibility and control of the network and, lastly, a lower implementation cost.

  • Access Gigabit switches with PoE available on all ports
  • Configure and monitor thousands of switch ports.
  • Monitor the web traffic of your remote branches without IT in the delegation.
  • Provision of ports in remote offices without IT personnel.
  • Optimize voice and video traffic with QoS for intuitive and granular control.

Datasheet Switch Meraki MS

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