New features of CISCO Jabber with Jabber 12.5

Cisco jabber 12.5

New features of CISCO Jabber with Jabber 12.5

New features of CISCO Jabber with Jabber 12.5

We are pleased to announce the release of Jabber 12.5. The objective announced by CISCO with this new version is to “build bridges” and provide technology that works together and offers a consistent experience, regardless of the device or application that you use. So what’s new in Jabber 12.5? We are introducing modern team messaging features from the cloud and a significantly improved meeting experience with active controls. These two new features help you take advantage of new and existing technologies to create incredible experiences for your customers.

What is CISCO Jabber?

Before deacuting the new features of Jabber 12.5, I want to present CISCO Jabber for those who do not know this application of CISCO. It is a business collaboration tool. It allows people to collaborate anywhere and from any device.

Mobility does not have to limit productivity. Cisco Jabber offers instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferences and presence. Find the right people, see if they are available and how they are available and collaborate more effectively. Instant messaging, voice, video, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence.

Capacities and benefits:

Instant messaging and presence: Improve productivity. Use the presence information in real time and instant messaging to reduce delays. See the availability of contacts inside and outside your organization.

Business-class voice and video: Communicate clearly. Get secure and reliable communications with Cisco Jabber phone features, including HD voice and video, in addition to desktop sharing.

Collaborate anywhere, at any time: Go where you need to go. Access all Cisco Jabber features from your mobile, including video conferencing, with the same ease of use found on the desktop.

Communicate from Microsoft Office: Access Cisco Jabber directly from Microsoft Office applications. Easily click to start chat, voice or video calls, or multiple conferences.

Available for devices:


iPhone and iPad



Team messaging mode

The team’s messaging mode for Cisco Jabber improves the way you connect and do things on small teams. This new implementation option provides a central set of Webex Teams messaging features from the cloud while maintaining call services at the facility.

Now you have:

  • persistent one-to-one chats and team spaces,
  • a new experience of presence,
  • advanced file sharing capabilities and
  • a powerful way to search your Jabber application, while maintaining advanced call features.

We use the Webex extendable platform to integrate with our existing solutions and offer unique combined experiences. Our IT managers can now provide new solutions in the cloud while continuing to take advantage of their local managed call services. Customers will also have the added benefit of native interoperability between the messaging mode of the team messaging team Jabber and the Webex teams, since they take advantage of the same platform in the cloud. This can reduce the burden on your organization if it is moving from Jabber to Team. Unlike other providers, we are focused on productive user workflows through the evolution of the cloud. As you move your message to the cloud, your organization will also benefit from the enhanced security provided by the Webex platform. The computer messaging mode includes end-to-end encryption for all messages and files sent. It has a secure search that keeps the search terms and results protected, and provides blocking and moderation controls for your spaces. See the new features, included in the messaging mode of the team:

Active controls

Our goal is to provide an excellent meeting experience, no matter how you join a meeting. We continue to move towards that goal with active controls for Jabber users.

The new controls give you:

  • more control over your meetings with a list of meetings,
  • controls of participants,
  • custom designs and
  • a new shared experience.

These new features are available to Cisco Meeting Server customers, and we will continue to implement them in other types of meetings in future releases. Meeting Server users now have the basic functionality they need to host and use Jabber as their main meeting client. Here is a quick look at the active controls within Jabber:

Additional features of Jabber 12.5    

  • Simplified configuration process: no more editing and manual loading of the Jabber XML configuration file. You can now manage the settings using the Unified Communications Manager web interface. In the new interface, you can assign configurations to a group of users or device types.
  • Cisco Headset Management: The Jabber application will now automatically incorporate the updated firmware into your Cisco headset to keep it updated easily.
  •   Media Routing Optimization: Jabber 12.5 now supports SIP ICE. ICE provides media routing optimization.
  • Updated user experience: Jabber continues to have a modern design and a user experience. In Jabber 12.5 we are launching an updated design and better alignment with the rest of the Cisco Collaboration portfolio.

For existing Jabber users, upgrade your software to 12.5 or visit the app store for your mobile device.

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