Millions of meetings. A secure network. CISCO WEBEX.

Telework security

Millions of meetings. A secure network. CISCO WEBEX.

Cisco Webex routinely has more than 130 million monthly users worldwide, and processes more than 6 billion minutes of meetings each month. In March, 300 million users and 14,000 million minutes of meetings were exceeded.

Given the current situation, millions of people are using these kinds of tools to telework and thus stay productive and connected while in the confined state. During these weeks we have been receiving news that some of these collaboration tools have had significant security breaches.

With Cisco Webex this does not happen. Collaborating, sharing is fun and productive, but is it safe? Webex keeps your information safe with a comprehensive and comprehensive approach to cloud security.

Cisco Webex collaboration software enables its users to enjoy open mobile cooperation and gives IT and information security managers more peace of mind.

“The protection of users, companies and institutions must be reinforced with three key measures: use collaboration tools with integrated security, reinforce the shield with complementary solutions and act with conscience and common sense,” says Eutimio Fernández, Director of Cybersecurity at Cisco Spain.

Default encryption and security

The Cisco Webex solution offers end-to-end encryption for data in use, in transit, and on the host with a key that customers control. And it is that its default security settings prevent intrusions, in order to guarantee identification in any meeting room.

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Extra protection. Security with Cisco.

The network, users and terminals constitute the second pillar of protection, with four key solutions:



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