Does your phone system is a drag on the productivity of your business? CISCO BE6000

Does your phone system is a drag on the productivity of your business? CISCO BE6000

My telephone system is a drag on the productivity of your business? CISCO BE6000

I venture to ensure that the answer to this question is YES.

We must strengthen the business and one way is to leave behind an old phone system that does not add value to your business. Do not settle with an outdated phone system simply because “still works”. Take full advantage of collaboration solutions with Cisco Unified Communications, specifically designed for enterprise solutions Cisco Business Edition BE6000 provide immediate benefits.

  • Increase collaboration and customer satisfaction
  • Use affordable and advanced communications
  • Installation, use, management and simple expansion
  • Cut costs and improve return on investment

What is being lost?

Improving customer satisfaction

  • Provide customer service Omnichannel: Create more interactive relationships with the customer by extending traditionalcontact center technologies with video, social media, and on-demand access to experts.
  • Locate and access remote experts: identify, locate and connect with experts where and when needed. Share knowledge efficiently using audio and video quality.
  • Enable meetings with remote attendees: Use web conferencing to make it easier for employees and customers to meet at any time and from anywhere.
  • Collaborate with external organizations: Provide scalable and highly secure voice, video and file sharing to help eliminateorganizational and geographic boundaries.

Improving employee engagement

  • Use workspaces to collaborate: Remove the organization and the geographical boundaries bringing scattered groups in secure virtual rooms together.
  • Supercharge access telecommuters and branch: Make it easier for employees working outside the main office, with highly secure access to resources that match what is available at the corporate offices access.
  • Events and deliver online training: Host online events and record employees, meetings and training with optimized video, audio and participation options.
  • Incorporate video Meetings: Improve communications, relationships and productivity by helping people face to face with distance are.
  • Allow mobile workers and BYOD: Create greater flexibility by giving employees the ability to use their mobile devices as an extension of high network security of your company.
  • Create areas of flexible and commercial work: Using offices more efficiently and create workspaces employee collaboration and innovation.

As proof of the stability and reliability of these solutions I invite you to see the video presentation of Solutel, the images you can see our way of working in Solutel and like video, for over 5 years, is part of our regular communications . What I want to convey is the simplicity of use and fear of change is lost to these “new” ways of working in the company today.

Let Solutel show you how Cisco Business Edition solutions can help you improve your productivity.

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