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An important pillar of your business is information security

Solutel is your cybersecurity company to achieve network security, and effective information security to deal with threats.

Know the Cybersecurity solutions with CISCO to protect the information in your company. Security of the information.

Secure Endpoint – AMP

CISCO Antivirus for Endpoints. Stop attacks and simplify security operations. Cisco AMP offers next-generation cloud-based antivirus, Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP), Advanced Detection and Response (EDR)


Verify the identity of your users with the two factor authentication from CISCO DUO MFA and the status of your devices before they connect to the applications you want them to access.


Cybersecurity cloud solution that helps protect your users both on and off the network by blocking malicious Internet destinations before a connection is established.

Cisco AnyConnect is a cybersecurity solution for employees. AnyConnect makes it possible to workr from anywhere, both on company laptops and personal mobile devices, at any time. AnyConnect simplifies secure access to terminals and provides the necessary security to keep your business safe and secure.


ISE is a centralized policy control solution that by means of radius authentication of users and integration with LDAP-type user directories, allows access to the network only to authorized users and can apply policies by user profiles to authorize access to network services appropriate to the profile to which it belongs.


Cisco Secure Firewall

network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a set of security restrictions already defined.

Solutel Security Pack Includes Active Surveillance Service!

Double Factor Authentication + Antivirus + DNS layer protection + Active Surveillance Service

We recommend Solutel Security Pack as minimal protection that any company should have.

With the Active Surveillance Service included, you will have the peace of mind that security products are monitored ensuring that they work correctly.

Double Factor Authentication + Antivirus + DNS layer protection + Active Surveillance Service

From 10.50 eur month / user



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Why choose CISCO’s cybersecurity services?

In a world with more data, users and services, there are also more things to protect. Meanwhile, cyber threats are continually evolving, getting smarter and more sophisticated. What is the solution? The traditional approach has always been to turn to the newest cybersecurity attack protection product in the hope that adding it to the security fix patch will save you from having problems. It is time to prioritize cybersecurity above all else. Thanks to industry-leading threat intelligence and our integrated portfolio, our cybersecurity company Solutel offers you the tools, scalability, and capabilities to keep up with ever-increasing threats. Prioritizing security above all else allows you to innovate while protecting your assets.

Why choose Solutel as your cybersecurity company?

Solutel and Cisco collaborate designing and implementing solutions in the different CISCO technologies at the network level, unified communications, collaboration, switching, WIFI, security, video, data center, software, both nationally and internationally.

Solutel, Cisco’s Premier Partner, is one of CISCO’s reference integrators with Advanced Security certification

We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of multi-site projects. Our global vision in technology solutions allows us to become a strategic partner of our clients by aligning technology with their business objectives. For these, and many more compelling reasons, we are the cybersecurity company that will best help optimize your business communications.

What challenges do SMEs face?

1. The rise of SaaS applications

Employees around the world are increasingly leveraging cloud-based SaaS applications to work smarter, faster and better. However, most of these applications are not authorized by the company’s IT department. This situation often has security holes that can leave your company exposed to threats and cybercriminals .

2. An increase in roaming, remote and branch workers

SMB IT teams are beginning to work with a vertically expanding network perimeter. Employees now work “on the go”, away from the office, in different branches and remote locations … but no matter where the worker is, they must be protected from threats. A task that is not easy with a traditional centralized security.

3. Infrastructure increasingly obsolete

The threat landscape has grown and evolved enormously and rapidly, with more threats increasing the pressure on the security of SMBs. These threats now include everything from phishing to ransomware to malicious crypto mining, each of which must be addressed with robust and up-to-date protection. In trying to keep up with these various threats, organizations often supplement outdated security platforms with point solutions, which can be expensive and difficult to implement, manage, and maintain.

4. Limited budget and resources

SMEs have the same security needs as large companies, but often fewer means of providing that security. It is difficult, on tight budgets, to allocate resources for new security products and for the security equipment needed to monitor and remediate threats. Instead, most of the time, security tasks fall to non-IT team members who don’t have the time or skills to keep up. It is for these reasons that services of a cybersecurity company like Solutel, they help SMEs meet today’s challenges.

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