Cybercriminals do not rest. CISCO Security.

Cybercriminals do not rest. CISCO Security.

More than a month ago, we were alerted by the Cisco cyber-intelligence team (TALOS) that this difficult situation that we are currently experiencing was being used to execute new malware campaigns.

Over the weeks, this situation does not improve. More and more new malicious domains appear with keywords such as pandemic, telecommuting, covid … malware that tries to compromise the security of our internet browsing.


capture of Cisco Umbrella with the list of new domains that include the word “COVID” in them

We are all aware of the increase in users who are currently telecommuting from home with their remote accesses. They access the company, but they also access other pages to read news, make the purchase … and now we are in a particularly sensitive situation to the criminal actions of malware and the impact this can have.

Cyber ​​criminals are waiting for our carelessness.

From Solutel, we want to help companies implement security solutions that CISCO is offering for free until July 1, to implement and protect telework.


Ask us for these security licenses

Do not hesitate, ask us!

  • Cisco Umbrella protects users from malicious Internet destinations whether or not they are on the network. Being a service delivered from the cloud, Umbrella really makes it easy to protect users anywhere in minutes. With this offer, our current customers can exceed the usage limit to serve a greater number of remote employees, and new ones can obtain a free license.
  • Duo Security enables organizations to verify the identity of users and the reliability of a device before giving them access to the network. Using a “zero trust” model, it helps mitigate attacks and reduce risks. With this offer, our current customers can exceed their usage limit to protect more remote employees, and those who register for the first time can obtain a free license.
  • Cisco AnyConnect Security Mobile Client empowers employees to work from anywhere with either corporate laptops or personal mobiles. It also provides the visibility and control that IT security teams can identify who and what devices are accessing the infrastructure. Customers who already have this solution can exceed the limit of users and, those new, can access a free license.

To extend or contract this service, you need to contact us.

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