Improve the customer experience with Contact Center CISCO

Improve the customer experience with Contact Center CISCO

Have you ever called a Contact Center and experience was …

• We went from manager to manager and none could solve your problem.
• While you just wanted to will answer a simple question, the manager spent time trying to sell you services that you did not request.
• he had to call ten times to find a manager who could solve your problem.

Poor care in call centers is one of the main reasons that many customers end up switching companies.
Do you want your customers to have the same experience of your company? ¡¡NO!!

Solutel is a technology company specializing in integration environments Cisco Contact Center, thanks to its high knowledge of Cisco solutions and their experience in business improves customer care. Solutel provides support solutions CISCO Contact Center if you already have a solution CISCO Contact Center to make the most of:
Do you want a contact center well organized with logical routing calls to their customers?
Want to minimize missed calls?
Want to know the missed calls you have and to contact them?
Need to know the level of charge call agents?
Want to optimize internal call human resources, dynamically managing detours and hours and depending on the volume of incoming calls? …

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