Complete your LMS with Webex Education Connector

Complete your LMS with Webex Education Connector

Do you have an LMS? Well, this information interests you.

Cisco Webex Education Connector enables a seamlessly integrated experience directly within your learning management system (LMS) so educators and students don’t have to navigate to different applications to get work done.

What is an LMS?

An LMS is an online learning management system developed in a virtual environment, which we access thanks to an internet connection, in which we can learn and train. It allows the administration, distribution and evaluation of programmed training activities within an online teaching or e-Learning process.

The acronym hides the concept of Learning Management System or Learning Management System.

The main platforms are: Instructure Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, Sakai and Schoology


What is the Webex Education Connector?

As its name suggests, it is a Webex connector that provides the collaboration part to traditional LMS systems. Collaborate before, during and after lessons with individual and group messaging, share bonus content and file sharing, video calls and much more.

Education is changing in teaching, learning and administration. Students are more digitally engaged than ever. Teachers must reach more students in more places through remote access and distance learning.

Webex Education Connector works with Webex Teams and with Webex Meetings, Webex Events, and Webex Training. It integrates with Instructure Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, Sakai, and Schoology.

What does it offer to a Cisco webex Connector LMS?

From the teacher / instructor point of view:

  • Instructors schedule virtual classes through Webex directly within the LMS. Students simply click a button to join the class.
  • Instructors can create messaging groups with students in each course directly within the LMS.
  • The platform eliminates transitions between tools to allow students and educators to collaborate effortlessly.
  • Although students and faculty are off campus, they can still fully access content for more productive sessions and interactively share whiteboards and annotated content to increase creativity, brainstorming, and communication.
  • Class schedules have become more fluid, so ease of use in managing meetings and recordings is an essential feature to accommodate this flexibility.
  • Instructors can list their available office hours for students to schedule.
  • Break into small groups to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and edit files, for better student / teacher engagement
  • You can schedule a one-time or recurring meeting with students or other instructors.

From the student’s point of view:

  • With the Webex Education Connector, you can attend live classes as a remote student, participate in class discussions, share files, have meetings, and plan office hours with your teacher.
  • A secure and easy-to-use web-based learning experience to join or organize class sessions, listen to and search for recordings, track class attendance, and more.
  • Learning never stops.
  • Cisco Webex Education Connector Classroom Collaboration is an easy way to message a classmate or instructor, chat with a group, and share files you’re collaborating on.


In Cisco Webex, all work is done within spaces where you can send messages, make calls, have video meetings, use the whiteboard, and share files. The spaces are ideal for a group of people who are working on a specific topic or an individual project. A general space with all your team members is available by default. You can create new spaces with multiple people or send messages to someone directly.

Training videos of Moodle integration with Webex connector:

Our colleague Josue Navarro, a technician at Solutel, has prepared the following webex integration videos with Moodle.

Presentation on the integration of Moodle with Webex Connector



Moodle and Webex App (formerly Webex Teams) create workgroups




How to schedule virtual meetings in Moodle with the Webex Education Connector

You can schedule a one-time or recurring meeting with students or other instructors.



 How to define Hours of Attention – Tutorials

You can plan and organize office hours with the Webex Education Connector. The dates and times are available on the Hours of Operation tab. You can select a time when students can meet with you.



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