Work as you wish from anywhere.
Connect, communicate and collaborate between teams securely.

Keep your organization connected with unified collaboration across teams.
It does not matter where the employees are located. Collaborative solutions with CISCO mean greater employee involvement and customer experiences that enable greater productivity and process dynamism.

With Cisco and Solutel Cisco and Solutel collaboration solutions, get your organization working smarter and more securely.

Unified Communications

Interconnect your mobile, voice, video and data applications and achieve unified communications.


Our collaboration tools include award-winning devices that make virtual collaboration more present than ever.

Collaboration and sharing is fun and productive, but is it safe? Webex keeps your information safe with a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to cloud security.

Cisco Webex collaboration software enables its users to enjoy open mobile cooperation and, in particular, gives IT and information security managers greater peace of mind.

We already know that our communications with CISCO are secure, as they are protected end-to-end. The next step is to improve our user experience at these types of meetings. simply by using a suitable headset and cameras. Cisco Personal Remote Worker KIT. USB Camera + Headphones



Contact our team now, start improving your company’s productivity today by implementing new connectivity, collaboration and cybersecurity technologies.

Why choose CISCO collaboration solutions?

Firstly because of the robustness and reliability of the CISCO manufacturer and secondly with the collaborative work of CISCO solutions, it keeps your organization connected with a fluid collaboration between the teams involved even if they are distributed and it is a remote communication. Regardless of where employees and customers are located, organizations around the world are looking for greater employee engagement and customer experiences that enable greater productivity and business dynamism. Consequently, more effective collaboration will result in organizations working smarter.


Why choose Solutel?

First of all because of the years of experience. Solutel and Cisco have been collaborating for more than 20 years, designing and implementing solutions in different CISCO technologies at the network level, unified communications, collaboration, switching, WIFI, security, video, data center, software, both nationally and internationally.

Solutel, Cisco’s Premier Partner, is one of CISCO’s reference integrators with Advanced Collaboration and Security certification.

With more than 24 years in the industry, we have extensive experience in the design and implementation of multi-site projects. Our global vision in technology solutions allows us to become a strategic partner of our customers by aligning technology with their business objectives.

Secondly, because of our empathy with the needs of our customers. What our customers value most is our ability to respond quickly, both in terms of solution design and support in terms of attention and incident resolution.

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We help you to deploy this MS Teams integration project with any PBX.

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Proactive service – Annual subscription

The rise of hybrid work, the importance of collaboration.

We all know that the way we work and collaborate has changed forever. This is why we have to reimagine the way we work and adapt to the new normal, a mix of face-to-face and remote workers in all meetings. So we must not forget the collaboration tools that allow to establish unified and secure communications. Hybrid work is here to stay. Are you ready?

CISCO collaboration