CISCO ISE. Cisco Identity Services Engine. Secure access control.

CISCO ISE is a policy server that allows us to manage access to a corporate network. Centralizes and unifies secure access control according to the profile of the user and device that wants to access the network. It deals with IDENTITY issues.

Identifies a user with a corporate device, user with a non-corporate device or guests, providing the level of access according to the profile, regardless of whether they connect via wired, wireless network or remote VPN access.

Identifies a wide variety of devices from laptops or desktops to ipads and smartphones.

Security challenges that CISCO ISE can help us with

Secure cable access

Secure cable access and do not allow them to connect to an outlet without your knowledge.

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Secure Wireless and Guest Access

Manages guest access to the network, limits a space for temporary users. Easy incorporation and procurement.

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Network segmentation: boost productivity and reduce your points of attack.

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Bring Your Own Device

BYOD: Users can use their devices without it being a problem for the security of your network.

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Device management

Device compliance: discover and correct devices that do not comply with your security policy.

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Practical demonstrations.

CISCO ISE. Introduction

CISCO ISE 802 1x authentication for

WIFI corporate user

CISCO ISE. FirePower integration

CISCO ISE 802 1x authentication for

WIFI guest user

CISCO ISE. Wired 802 1x authentication


Conclusions and closing

Why is it important to have that "identity", that identification of devices that CISCO ISE allows?

Because security is a very sensitive issue and companies need to know who is using what. With the information provided by knowing who, where, when and from what device is accessing your network you can “trust” or not, and give the appropriate access.

25 years of experience

Solutel and Cisco collaborate designing and implementing solutions in different CISCO technologies at the network, unified communications, collaboration, switching, WIFI, security, video, data center, software, both nationally and internationally.

Solutel, Cisco's Premier Partner, is one of CISCO's reference integrators with Advanced Security certification.

Where can I get it?

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