Cisco Webex Desk Camera

Cisco Webex Desk Camera

Cisco has expanded its line of collaboration devices designed to empower the remote worker and enable a safe return to the office. The three new devices joining the Webex smart device portfolio are Webex Desk Camera, Webex Desk Hub, and Webex Desk.

  • Webex Desk Camera: Perfect for both home and office, with a top-notch artificial intelligence feature.
  • Webex Desk Hub: Introduces a new category that simplifies hotdesking.- Hotdesking is an office organization system in which multiple workers use a single station or physical work surface for different periods of time.
  • Webex Desk: Packed with smart features that users want, like noise cancellation and virtual backgrounds.

In today’s article we focus on the first one “Webex Desk Camera“.

Webex Desk Camera. With the smart features we already know, like facial recognition and room occupancy metrics, the Webex Desk desktop camera is perfect for both home and office.

Novelty? manages to mute and unmute your microphone with a simple gesture, without touching the computer.



  • Whether you’re working from home or in the office, the Webex Desktop Camera is perfect for hybrid work styles and easy to install via a USB connection.
  • Thanks to the Webex platform, the IT department can manage the desktop camera so that an update is not missed and is supported. This means that even in a constantly evolving workplace, the IT department can meet the needs of workers, wherever they are.

This is no ordinary USB webcam. Full, vivid color video conferencing from any lighting condition and a satisfying collaboration experience from anywhere with AI-enabled features and remote IT management.

Experience 4K video with the Webex desktop camera powered by artificial intelligence designed to keep you focused.


Video conferencing: Enable up to 4K ultra HD video for everyone with a versatile USB webcam.

Vivid colors: Superior performance in any lighting condition.

Smart functions: face recognition, occupancy detection …

Centralized management: The centrally managed webcam from Webex Control Hub.

Don’t let poor quality videos get in the way of a large gathering, wherever you are.

Have your office practically perfect, anywhere.

Webex Desk Camera for video conferencing – Cisco

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