CISCO Webex Contact Center

cisco webex contact center

CISCO Webex Contact Center

CISCO Webex Contact Center
An agile and high performance contact center focused on customer experience.

Customer experience is becoming a strategic imperative for how companies compete and differentiate their brands. At the same time, customers want to communicate in a wide variety of ways (voice, email, text, chat and social media), which makes it difficult for contact centers to manage all these channels and distribute customers to customers. adequate resources

These channels often are isolated in the way that reach the contact center, leaving agents frustrated by having to deal with several different applications and dissatisfied customers leave because of fragmented and impersonal experiences. What happens when you use leading technology to create a cognitive contact center? Get effective customer information, predictive and proactive customer experiences, and integrating seamlessly with the rest of his organización.Con resources and appropriate solutions, the contact center can make their way to an increase in positive business results.


Challenges of a Contact Center from the client’s point of view:

When it comes to improving the customer experience, it is important to find solutions that address the biggest concerns of your customers, the most common challenges are:

  • Fragmented and disconnected experiences
  • Slow troubleshooting
  • Long waiting times
  • Ineffective agents lacking knowledge and experience
  • Lack of contact options (e.g., chat, phone, email)
  • Impersonal conversations

Challenges of a Contact Center from the agent’s point of view:

When addressing these problems / challenges, we must bear in mind that the contact center agents also have their own set of weaknesses that prevent them from doing their job in the best possible way:

  • They are saturated by a lot of information.
  • They cannot find the right information to solve a customer problem the first time.
  • They do not know enough about customers to serve them in a personalized way.
  • They are using too many applications and systems.
  • They strive to get answers from experts in real time.
  • They want to obtain professional satisfaction and the balance between work and life.

The solution: Webex Contact Center – cognitive contact center

A cognitive contact center has the intelligence integrated into each part of the client and agent experience.

It involves improving the customer experience and optimizing performance with dynamic and predictive analysis. As it does? leverage data in multiple contact center systems and apply predictive analysis, Cisco® Webex Contact Center dynamically predicts the needs of each customer and compares it with the best agent to handle that need, improving performance, sales and customer experience . Contact Center is a unified omnichannel contact center solution that is centrally managed and managed from the cloud to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

At Cisco, we are using technology to transform those experiences from the inside out.

  • Powerful analysis of data in the cloud that helps you learn more about your customers
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) that adds context, makes suggestions and creates predictive and proactive experiences for its clients.
  • Integrated collaboration so that your agents can reach experts quickly and easily to improve resolution at first contact

Capabilities for today’s cloud-based contact center:

cisco webex contact center
cisco webex contact center


Cisco contact center and contact management solutions offer innovative features:

  • Omnicanal
  • Call routing based on predictive analysis
  • Collaboration and communication with experts
  • Integrations with CRM
  • 360 degree analysis of customer journey
  • Staff Optimization
  • External campaigns

Do you want more information about Webex Contact Center?

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How your organization benefits:

  • Agents are happier and more productive when they have the tools, resources and customer stories that help them succeed in their work.
  • Agents have access to the context and subject matter experts whenever they need help.
  • Clients are held at risk when they can predict their needs and connect them with the best retention agents.
  • Operational efficiency is improved as call loads are balanced in locations and agents, regardless of geography.
  • The costs are lower when the infrastructure of the contact center is moved to the cloud.
    Agents can offer proactive and predictive customer experiences, which makes the contact center a strategic center for building deeper and more profitable relationships with their customers.

What benefits does the customer get:

  • They receive a faster, better and more proactive service.
  • They feel understood by their agents.
  • They have an experience without problems, transfers or long waiting times.
  • Their needs are predicted and they connect with the best agent.
  • Your problems are resolved at the first contact, without the need for a callback.


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