CISCO trends in networks. Workload, multicloud network strategy

CISCO trends in networks. Workload, multicloud network strategy

CISCO trends in networks. Workload, multicloud network strategy.

Business Resilience Special Edition: Check out the five trends driving agility and resilience in times of change.The report has been broken down into two blogs, in this blog we will address trends # 3, Workload, multicloud network strategy.

The 5 trends in networks:

  1. Workforce – Extending security to a remote workforce.
  2. Workplace: allow safe return to local workspaces.
  3. Workload: facilitate multicloud for greater resilience.
  4. Operations – Automation of operations for faster recovery.
  5. Operations: Leveraging AI-powered network analytics for smarter insights.

If you want to see the first part: See report CISCO Report on trends in networks for 2021. Resilience. Workforce and workplace.

Workload: multicloud

Trend No. 3: Workload: Facilitate Multicloud for Greater Resilience

IT leaders are using cloud services as a means to improve business resilience in the aftermath of the global pandemic. This includes increased adoption of a multi-cloud model (distribution of applications, workloads, and data between local data centers and public cloud providers) to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and protect and distribute the risk of catastrophic failure.

Network Considerations: To ensure a consistent experience for DevOps users and teams, organizations need a proactive multi-cloud networking strategy that aligns the network with the priorities of IT, security, and cloud operations.


Successful multicloud networking strategies are based on three main pillars:

  1. Workload – Adopt a cloud operating model to simplify policies, security, and management of workloads and services in on-premises data centers, multiple disparate clouds, and other computing environments.
  2. Access: Take SD-WAN and SASE approaches to help ensure secure and consistent multi-cloud (including SaaS) access for users and devices on corporate and public networks from campus, branch or home, or on the road.
  3. Security: Reduce the risk associated with users, devices and applications spread across multiple clouds and other computing environments.

Figure 4. Multicloud network: workload, access and security

See the full CISCO report
CISCO multicloud


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