Cisco SecureX unifies the visibility of all your security products


Cisco SecureX unifies the visibility of all your security products

CISCO SecureX unifies the visibility of the entire client security portfolio.

CISCO SecureX is a cloud-native open cybersecurity platform that connects the integrated Cisco and third-party security portfolio for a simpler experience. It unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your security across multiple domains – across the network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.

Cisco SecureX is included free of charge with every Cisco Security solution.

Is SecureX an XDR solution?

First, Cisco SecureX has XDR capabilities, but it goes further by offering better technology integration and broader use cases.

In addition to providing greater visibility across the security portfolio, it offers security analytics and automates workflows to accelerate threat detection and response.

We must bear in mind that as companies advance in their digital transformation, the exponential growth of the Cloud, the IoT and mobility increase the attack surface. As you well know, securing this complex environment with specific technologies, which in most cases are not interoperable with each other, is increasingly difficult.

Cisco SecureX capabilities include:

  • Unify visibility across the entire security portfolio of customers, whether they are Cisco or third-party solutions. Unified visibility with cross-product analysis.
  • Provide business value through a fully native, easy-to-use and multi-tenant Cloud platform.
  • Automate security workflows, including detection and remediation of unknown threats and policy violations.
  • Analyze events and corporate data through more than 150 million terminals, network traffic of switches and routers -including encrypted traffic-, Google, AWS and Azure Cloud environments, and private data center environments.
  • Identify who and what has been compromised in a matter of minutes, facilitating remediation through data analytics in Security solutions and intelligence feeds against threats.
  • Incorporate the potential of Cisco Talos threat analysts into the customer’s SOC to detect the latest cyber threats,

For all these functionalities, Cisco SecureX eliminates complexity and provides a unified view on the status of its services and security alerts. This improves efficiency for CISOs and their teams, being a driver of digital transformation.

What do we get from this unification of security solutions from CISCO and third parties?

As we have been commenting, Cisco SecureX is the cybersecurity operation optimization solution that allows all CISCO solutions and those of third parties to coordinate locally to reduce operating costs and improve response to incidents.

Being able to coordinate these different solutions locally allows:

  • Unified dashboard for incident detection.
  • Reduction of manual processes.
  • Automation for the orchestration of investigation and response flows through playbooks .
  • Simplification to share context of ongoing investigations among all Cisco cybersecurity solutions.
  • Collaboration to share context of ongoing investigations between different work teams (SecOps, NetOps and ITOps) so they can protect assets more consistently and enable business.

After the analysis of the multiple public security breaches of the last years, it has been seen that they all had in common that there was a trail, but it was not investigated simply due to the overload of alerts or the lack of investigators. To date, neither of the two things has improved, in addition, there are more and more alerts to manage and fewer staff to do so. The solution? Cisco SecureX.


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