Cisco Meraki MX65W more than a firewall

CISCO Meraki mx65w

Cisco Meraki MX65W more than a firewall

Cisco Meraki MX65W more than a firewall

This Cisco Meraki MX65W is an ideal security device for organizations up to 50 network users.

It is a Next Generation 250 Mbps security firewall that, unlike the MX65, includes 802.11ac / n WiFi and 12 × GbE (2 PoE +). They are devices that are 100% managed in the cloud: installation and remote administration are very simple and have a comprehensive network services package, which eliminates the need to use several devices.

Interfaces             12 × GbE (2 PoE+)

802.11ac/n WiFi


Firewall Throughput       250 Mbps

VPN Throughput              100 Mbps

Recommended Clients  50


Advantages against traditional firewalls:

  • Centralized and simple management of all firewalls from a single administration portal. It is 100% managed in the cloud, the installation and remote administration are very simple
  • Traffic modeling and application management
  • Failover 3G / 4G through a USB modem
  • Web caching
  • Management of VPNs extremely simple and automated and without additional costs per user.
  • Optimization of traffic between sites with data compression saving bandwidth and increasing speed.
  • Prioritization of traffic by applications to optimize the use of the Internet.
  • Integrated reports in the management portal, without the need for additional installations.
  • Proactive threat management.

Types of licensing:

Comment that there are two types of licensing in MX. The Enterprise license and the Advanced Security, with option of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years.

Next, we show in table the comparison between the two licenses:


Feature Enterprise license Advanced Security license
Stateful firewall
VLAN to VLAN routing
Link bonding / failover
3G / 4G failover
Traffic shaping / prioritization
Site-to-site VPN
Client VPN
MPLS to VPN Failover
Splash pages
Configuration templates
HTTP content caching
Group Policies
Client connectivity alerts
SD-WAN. WAN optimization
Geography based firewall rules
Intrusion detection / prevention
Content filtering
Anti-virus and anti-phishing
Youtube for Schools
Web Search Filtering
AMP / Anti-malware


Finally we focus on what we consider a good product for the SME, MX65W with Advanced Security licensing, we comment the benefits:

  • Next-generation firewall, layer 7 “next generation” firewall, gives administrators full control over the users, content and applications of their network.
  • Application control
  • Web caching
  • Various WAN uplinks.
  • Fault tolerance
  • Content filtering
  • Intrusion prevention, based on SNORT®.
  •  Antivirus and antiphishing
  • Web search filtering

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