CISCO Duo MFA reliable access solution. Double factor authentication.


CISCO Duo MFA reliable access solution. Double factor authentication.

CISCO Duo MFA. Double factor authentication

Verify the identity of your users with the CISCO DUO MFA dual factor authentication and the status of your devices before they connect to the applications you want them to access.

Add robust dual factor authentication to your VPN, email, web portal, cloud services, etc. with Cisco Duo. After a successful primary authentication, your users simply approve a secondary authentication request sent to our Duo Mobile smartphone application. Users can also authenticate by answering a phone call or by entering a unique access code generated by the Duo Mobile application, a compatible hardware token or received by SMS.

Easily implement the CISCO Duo double factor authentication solution to protect each user and obtain basic access controls, advanced administrative administration and user provisioning. Also, get an overview of the general security status of your device.

CISCO DUO helps you protect what’s important

The CISCO Duo people-centered security model allows secure connections to all applications (either on premises or in the cloud) depending on the reliability of users and devices. The technology delivered in the Duo cloud allows IT to establish and implement adaptive risk-based access policies and gain better visibility of users’ devices and activities.

In today’s era of multiple clouds, customers, partners and employees access critical business data and applications from a multitude of secure and open locations and networks, using personal and company-issued devices. IT’s success in delivering digital experiences, such as applications for sales, customer participation and employee productivity, requires a new network and security architecture built for a multi-cloud environment.

Trust for users and devices in each application

Dual Factor Authentication (2FA)

Autenticación de dos factores
Verify the identity of all users with Duo 2FA, easily and with just one touch

Visibility in devices

Visibilidad de dispositivos

Get visibility on all managed and unmanaged devices to verify that they meet your security standards before granting them access.

Adaptive Authentication:

Autenticación adaptativa

Apply risk-based access security policies for users, devices and applications.

Secure single sign-on (SSO):

Inicio de sesión único seguro (SSO)

Streamline the user login process with a single panel to access all applications.

Protect all your applications, wherever they are:

Proteja todas sus aplicaciones, estén donde estén

Protect access to all internal and cloud applications with native integrations.

Secure remote access:

Acceso remoto seguro

Offer remote access without a client for multi-cloud environments and remote workers.

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Example CISCO DUO + ​​Cisco Firepower + AnyConnect network diagram

What functions does CISCO Duo MFA offer?:

  • Protect logins with double factor authentication and easily enroll and manage users
  • Automate the administration of your Duo solution (i.e. administration API)
  • Get an overview of device security security
  • Protect local applications and federated cloud applications

What advanced access features does CISCO Duo Plus offer?

  • Apply role-based access policies.
  • Identify vulnerable users to phishing attacks.
  • Monitor and identify risky devices.
  • Check which endpoints can access the applications based on the hygiene of the device.
  • Promote users to update their own devices.
  • Native support to protect all applications in the cloud.

In conclusion, it is time to place security in the new era of access. The CISCO DUO comprehensive security solution confirms the identity of the users and the status of their devices before they connect to their applications: this is Trusted Access.




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