We are a technology services company specialized in corporate networks, cybersecurity, cloud PBX, contact center and IT outsourcing.

Solutel offers solutions in telecommunications, networks and IT services. We help companies transform the way people connect, communicate and collaborate securely.

We optimize and provide security to the traffic of your networks and data infrastructures, guaranteeing business continuity.

IT Outsourcing Services, technical support 24x7 | 11x5 specialized personnel in networks, communications, cybersecurity... when a company does not have the initial capabilities in the use of IT solutions, it is crucial to hire experts in IT solutions to meet these business needs in a timely manner.


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A service company that provides your business with technological knowledge in the form of solutions.

Solutel offers services of Analysis, Design, Implementation and Maintenance of collaboration and cybersecurity projects for CISCO | Meraki | Fortinet | AWS architecture.


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    If it is true that technology helps us in all fields of life, in this case, the CISCO solution helps us to increase that feeling of being part of a global team.

    International videoconference project.

    Enrique LópezCFO - AM Fresh

    The implementation of this project results in the benefit of our clients who will enjoy a better user experience when contracting the services with GoldCar.

    GoldCar improves its Datacenters for the benefit of business continuity.

    Jacobo CardonaIT SMO Manager - GoldCar

    With the implementation of this project, we have achieved speed in the deployment of new branches and improved customer service by unifying communications without missing a single call.

    Contact Center Migration.

    Julen UribetxebarriaDpto. Logística - Markennovy

    Años en el sector
    Proyectos IT


    It is very common not to be focused on all areas of the business, having to face the unknown and increasing the risk of our decisions for the company. In Technology this is more acute, because every day we depend on it to be organized, in a world that is increasingly populated and with a multitude of offers.

    Solutel offers its clients knowledge of technological solutions and a team of people that allow them to increase their productivity, improving their digital communication capabilities, as well as secure access to information, cloud storage and critical missions. The most commonly “NOT STOP”


    To be a European reference as a multidisciplinary and specialized work team that complements other SMEs with key knowledge for the proper functioning of their business.

    We rely on global platforms, offering support and maintenance services. Helping digital transformation through knowledge of the most appropriate and cost-effective tools for each business.


    Teamwork, commitment, responsibility and professionalism.

    Teamwork and convergence of effort, means unifying qualities and efforts to achieve common goals. This could not be possible without good "communication, complementarity, coordination, trust and commitment" from an entire work team, key to the development of our services.

    Commitment, Professionalism and Responsibility

    Scoring and collecting information to know how well or badly we do things helps to create a fairer world in the sense of tracing a path of wills and results that help us improve in our performance of functions

    Proactivity as a competitive strategy, since it involves anticipating situations, identifying alternatives to which the defined strategies can be applied, and taking advantage of new opportunities or dodging possible threats.

    Perseverance, which implies perseverance, firmness and tenacity in achieving the objectives set.


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    This video is more than 10 years old, but we like it to be published because it represents our essence.

    The teams, logos and people that make up SOLUTEL have changed over the past 25 years, but the essence of SOLUTEL's approach to our clients is still present today with new technological services and our specialization in the field of digitalization and cybersecurity.



    Clear processes and qualified personnel to ensure that the solutions implemented are perceived by our customers as a valuable asset for their businesses.

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