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About us?

We are professionals with knowledge to help your team achieve better results with the right technology, and so that you have a clearer example of what we can do, we show you some types of work so that you can get to know us better as a business presentation.

  • Take off a contact center for a Customer Service

  • Program a switchboard in the Cloud so that you can open new delegations where your clients need you

  • Update your network , which has a lot of outdated equipment such as Switches, Routers, Firewalls

  • Get secure WIFI wherever you need it

  • Manage a Disaster Recovery Center so that you can always have the information you need

  • Give you a basic IT support service or a 24×7 one
  • Set up a Face-to-face and Online Event services through Webex

  • Put a phone, on the table, on your mobile or in an application such as CRM or ERP so you can talk and have a video whenever you need it.

Solutel Business Presentation

We attach the PDF document: Publication dossier solutel + testimonial

Corporate video


Training and Update

There are many ways to stay updated, one of them is to study just as we did one day at school, institute or university. Over the years has allowed us to adapt our services to market demand and interest on our part.

Within this world of categories and labels, we have been pigeonholed as a Premier Partner , which to understand us is the SME size, not multinational, but where we feel capable of giving value without problems.

First steps

Solutel began by taking small steps, first very focused on disruptive projects at the end of the 20th century, such as the creation of Internet Service Provider Centers (ISPs) that in turn offered connectivity and web pages.

The interconnection of delegations for companies and organizations played a predominant role, with ISDN (ISDN) and Frame Relay (FR / PaP) lines being the basis for applying our services to clients.

The security was another important factor to deploy services around firewalls, and elements of protection of information in the company. Being able to use the operating language of Routers (IOS) and Firewalls (Checkpoint and PIX) allowed us to help customers who were already beginning to have many visitors.

Creation of maintenance services

Our projects were slowing down at times or cyclically, before the summer and before the end of the year, but the clients did not stop asking us questions and problems, which did not give, to organize a project as such. This led to the creation of the first support services for customers: “Support” and “HelpDesk” .

These services meant that we had to specialize the engineers of the technical department in resolving customer doubts, documenting and having the skills to provide effective and rapid support.


Finding a name for a company is sometimes not easy, in our case, we tried several times with names that came from brainstorming under the influence of a beer, which gave free rein to names such as: Unicom, Solucom, Xarxa, etc. …. actually we were looking for something that was a brand reference, where by the way we did not have much success with the registration.

The fact is that our fiscal company name “Soluciones y Servicios Telemáticos SL” summed up very well what we wanted to do, but of course it was very long and furthermore it could never be considered as a brand in itself.


Solutel was already the brand that entered, and we do not know very well who came up with it, but the fact is that it was the chosen one. We reserved the domains and began to work with the idea of the Logo. Like the one I attached, where apart from the colors that had gone from an orange of “Valencia” to a Red, and from a lighter blue to a more serious gray, it was our symbol and flag to move forward.

Old Solutel Logo for Business Presentation
Business Presentation

Solutel is a company created in Valencia to release all the talent of a team with the desire to do things well and grow equally.

Mission, vision and values



It is very common not to be focused on all areas of the business, having to face the unknown and increasing the risk of our decisions for the company. In Technology this is more acute, because every day we depend on it to be organized, in a world that is increasingly populated and with a multitude of offers.

Solutel offers its clients knowledge of technological solutions and a team of people that allow them to increase their productivity, improve their digital communication capabilities, as well as secure access to information, cloud storage and critical missions. Most commonly “NO STOP”


The vision

Being a European reference as a multidisciplinary work team to the specialist that complements other SMEs with key knowledge, supported by global platforms, offering support and maintenance services. Helping digital transformation through knowledge of the most appropriate and profitable tools for each business



Teamwork and convergence of effort, means unifying qualities and efforts to achieve common goals. This could not be possible without good “communication, complementarity, coordination, trust and commitment” of an entire work team, key to the development of our services.

Commitment, Professionalism and Responsibility

Scoring and collecting information to know how well or poorly we do things helps to create a fairer world in the sense of tracing a path of wills and results that help us improve in our performance of functions

Proactivity as a competitive strategy, since it involves anticipating situations, identifying alternatives to which the defined strategies can be applied, and taking advantage of new opportunities or avoiding possible threats.

Perseverance , which implies perseverance, firmness and tenacity in achieving the objectives set.


Effort and Team

All of the above serves to know a series of values that characterize us or that we at least intend to be faithful to. But the world has changed towards more consumer values and global leisure. Work allows us to make more sense of our lives, by doing it with the help of more people, when you depend on them to do it right. Solutel is our little universe