CISCO Collaboration Flex® Plan. Does your company need solutions for … Videoconferencing? Team collaboration? Calls? Contact Center?

CISCO Flex Plan

CISCO Collaboration Flex® Plan. Does your company need solutions for … Videoconferencing? Team collaboration? Calls? Contact Center?

Collaboration Flex ® Plan – Simple. Flexible. Economic
A smarter way to get the perfect combination of collaboration services.

Does your company need solutions for … Videoconferencing? Team collaboration? Calls? Contact Center?

Flex Plan is a perfect combination of these business collaboration services in a simple way.


Are you looking for ways to reduce initial investment costs in technology?

Flex Plan allows you to manage your expenses and protect your current IT investment.


Are you concerned about your ability to meet your future collaboration needs?

Flex Plan gives you the margin that allows you to prepare for what is to come.


“Subscriptions provide better entry prices …” Source: Smarter with Gartner: Lessons learned from IT leaders who successfully switched to a SaaS-based business model. May 2018.

Get to know the Cisco Collaboration Flex® Plan:

It does not have to be complicated with multiple licensing contracts to enjoy the best experiences
collaborative You can subscribe today to what you need and add more services as you grow.
Additionally, you can add new solutions and services to your personalized collaboration portfolio and
reduce costs at the same time.

A model of collaboration solutions based on subscription licensing, for companies of all sizes.

  • It allows doing business at any time and place and increase productivity.
  • It changes the way to buy collaboration solutions, from an initial payment model for perpetual licensing, to a subscription-based model.
  • Consolidate the services you need in a single contract.


Your employees will be ready and working quickly: just pay for what you need today.
Drive future adoption and growth: expand and add services at your own pace.
Protect your investment in technology: build on your current infrastructure.
Direct the transition to the cloud in your own way: cloud and local deployments.
The OpEx budget is predictable: pay for services through a subscription and add more when you decide, without modifying the contract.

Do you want to know more about CISCO Collaboration Flex® Plan?

Do not hesitate, contact us!

What includes:

  1. Meetings. Cisco Webex Meetings.
  2. Cisco Meetings Server.
  3. Calling. Cisco Webex Calling.
  4. Teams. Cisco Webex Teams.
  5. Contact Center. Cisco Contact Center.
  6. Manager. Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  7. Hosted Collaboration. Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions: In the cloud, local and hosted voice services.
  8. Cisco Software Support Services: Basic support included in each Flex Plan; You can also choose the Enhanced or Premium service level, with SLAs and extended services.

Automatic software updates are included.

From a few subscribers to thousands, there is a user-based Collaboration Flex Plan subscription that fits your needs.

Flex Plan Subscription Models:

Enterprise Agreements (Meetings / Calls): Maximize value, enable services for all
Active User: Pay only for what you use, maximize flexibility
Named User (Meetings / Calls): Keep initial costs low, start easily
Concurrent Agent (Contact Center). Pay only for agents connected simultaneously, with the option of attending seasonal peaks by adding agents when necessary.


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