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What are the benefits of the SD-WAN solution? Learn about the power of software-defined networks in the WAN.

According to IDC, most companies plan to choose their SD-WAN solution before the end of 2019. 90% of companies will adopt the cloud, be it as infrastructure, cloud applications or some cloud service. This is a great challenge. SD-WAN solutions can help you in this way.

In this article, discover the main benefits that a Cisco SD-WAN solution can bring to your company.

The flow of data and devices is exceeding the limits of traditional WAN architectures, which makes it almost impossible for networks to keep pace.

With the power of software-defined networks in the WAN, companies can improve performance, reduce costs and stay protected.

SD-WAN is a software-driven solution that directs traffic, maintains application performance and adapts to changing conditions without direct supervision of the IT director. SD-WAN is a technology that helps simplify this adoption of the cloud.

Next we will explain what SD-WAN is and how it helps companies to modernize their network, improve the user experience with applications, reduce costs and integrate with the cloud while increasing security.

Current challenges of IT

How do you work in traditional architectures?

In traditional network architectures, the offices send all the traffic from the remote offices to the datacenter through an MPLS network provided by an operator. From the datacenter this traffic destined to the internet, goes through a centralized firewall. What’s happening? That with this massive adoption of the cloud what we are seeing is that between 50 and 80% of the traffic from these remote sites is destined for the cloud, therefore, it makes no sense to pass all this traffic through an architecture centralized firewall in the datacenter. On the one hand, we waste very expensive bandwidth resources and on the other hand, we are adding unnecessary latency to applications. All this influences the user experience.

A possible solution to this problem is to enable direct access to the Internet to each of the remote delegations and not have to pass this traffic through the datacenter. We can use fiber, adsl, 4G … which gives us a lot of flexibility. But this poses certain security risks to be taken into account, as well as certain operational and configuration complexity.

The new WAN

What is the solution?

The solution is SD-WAN, since it allows to optimize the experience of the applications that go to the datacenter through the MPLS but also allows to enable those accesses in each delegation.

Would you like to know more about SD-WAN?

Do not hesitate, ask us!

What are the benefits of the SD-WAN solution?

1. Ease of operation and management.

Management from a simple and centralized console that can reside in the client’s facilities or in the cloud. This will provide us with simple workflows for configuration and for the detection and resolution of network problems.

2. Rapid site deployment and cost reduction.

SD-WAN allows automated provisioning of equipment and the independence of the transport layer. We comment on these two characteristics: self provisioning allows opening a new headquarters without displacing a technician, simply by connecting the equipment to the Internet, the equipment will self-provision in a few seconds. On the other hand, the independence of the transport layer, gives us the option of having a 4G connection from the first day and not having to wait for the operator to provide us with the requested MPLS or fiber access.

3. Optimization of the user experience.

SD-WAN chooses automatically and completely transparent for the user the transport that best suits the applications we are using. It takes into account parameters of latency, jitter, packet loss … Voice traffic that requires certain maximum latencies is not the same as video traffic, which is more permissive with latencies but requires packet losses Very low.

SD-WAN provides analytics and thanks to them we obtain a greater visibility of the entire network, of bottlenecks that we can have in each of the delegations and we will be able to optimize it and anticipate any problems that may arise in the future so that Do not impact our business.

4. Simplifies the process of migration to the cloud (IaaS / SaaS)

Optimization of applications and workloads.

It facilitates the integration with the cloud at two different levels. The first of them helps companies adopt infrastructure solutions as a service in the cloud, that is, move workloads to the public cloud, be it Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud … in a simple way. The second level refers to the optimization of applications in the cloud ie if companies want to adopt SaaS such as Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox …

5. Protection against threats. Integrated security

SD-WAN integrates security in the routers that are located in the offices. Integrates security at the level of application firewall, IPS or intrusion protection system, URL filtering and Cloud security with Cisco Umbrella. Thanks to all this security functionality integrated in the router itself, we will be able to enable security in each internet access of each delegation.

More information about SD-WAN technology

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

Cisco Webex® Room Kit Mini is a videoconferencing system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Custom designed for the group work style. It is easy to use, implement and manage. Combine the codec, camera, microphones and speakers in one device. If you have a 4K screen in a room, turn it into a collaborative meeting space!


What size of rooms is recommended?

The Room Kit Mini is ideal for meeting spaces of three to five people. It has a wide field of vision of 120 degrees that allows to see everyone in a meeting space. Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make sure everyone can see and be focused. It also offers the flexibility to connect to a video conferencing software based on a laptop via USB. CISCO WEBEX ROOM MINI is tightly integrated with the industry-leading Cisco® Webex platform for continuous workflow, and can be registered on-site or to Cisco Webex in the cloud.

Ask us for a free 30-day Trial Cisco Webex Room MINI KIT

Do not hesitate, ask us!

Room Kit Mini offers the industry leading collaboration experience, whether you are in a meeting space or in a corporate boardroom. Implementation and administration capabilities are easy and allow customers to equip and support thousands of meeting spaces with intelligent collaboration tools typical of larger room systems. Important to note that people who use the system, are taken into account to perform analyzes on the use and used to plan resources. These features allow Cisco to eliminate usage and deployment barriers, and enable today’s new meeting work style.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini featured features and featured differentiators

Brings more intelligence to the way of teamwork.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini offers collaboration innovation in a Kit. It brings intelligence and ease of use to meeting spaces. Other vendors are striving to embed advanced features such as automatic framing, wireless sharing and 4K content into their high-end products, while Cisco already incorporates them into the full range of equipment. With the Room Kit Mini, Cisco is helping customers experience smart meetings, smart presentations and creating smart device and room integrations at a competitive price.

Smart meetings: Powerful built-in cameras offer intelligent viewing capabilities, such as auto-framing, and automatic noise suppression functionality reduces meeting disruption.

Smart rooms: People count for usage metrics and resource allocation; Narrow integrations with screens improve user interactions; APIs and macros allow the personalization of meetings.

Record flexibility: Created for deployment in the cloud and on the premises, protecting your investment.

Join any meeting: A USB connection allows interoperability with any cloud service provider.

These features were previously high-end video conference rooms. Now they can be taken to all rooms and equipment. And when it registers with Cisco Webex, additional cloud-based functionalities are enabled that improve the user experience and workflow of the team and further simplify implementation.

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Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini Data Sheet

Advanced Security Architecture Specialization

Solutel, Advanced Security Architecture Specialization of CISCO in Spain

Solutel, Advanced Security Architecture Specialization of CISCO in Spain

On February 24, 2019, Solutel has once again validated its Advanced Security Architecture Specialization certification. This specialization supports the technological and professional knowledge of Solutel for the definition of complex security architectures based on CISCO solutions.

Due to SOLUTEL’s awareness of security issues, it has always been committed to offering innovative products and services to prevent cybersecurity problems that have evolved in recent years and that many economic problems and service disruption are occurring in many companies. . The solutions in security is a fundamental pillar in the design of all the solutions that SOLUTEL presents to its clients.

In the following video, our Director of Operations, Antonio Sempere, tells us what the technical department of Solutel has to do with this Advanced CISCO Security certification:

Especially relevant is the words of the Cisco Channel Specialization Team: “By achieving the Advanced Security Architecture Specialization, SOLUTEL has demonstrated that it has the ability to provide sophisticated and value-added Cisco solutions through its in-depth sales capabilities. , technological skills and service offerings. “

CISCO’s Advanced Security Architecture Specialization requires:

  1. Have qualified personnel to design security solutions of value for the business of our clients,
  2. Certified technical staff for the advanced security configuration of CISCO and
  3. Offer professional support services for the wide range of security solutions offered by CISCO.

On this point, we inform you about the range of security that we offer as Partner CISCO:

What would you like

As a result, we can affirm that SOLUTEL has a highly qualified team of professionals in CISCO solutions, both at the pre-sale level of the solution design and at the technical level in the implementation and support.


location solutel madrid

Communication change address Solutel office in Madrid

Communication change address Solutel office in Madrid

Date : 27/02/2019

We are pleased to inform you that since February 27, 2019 we have moved our facilities in Madrid.

We are already operational at the following address:

Calle Ríos Rosas, 36 | 28003 | Madrid

Tel: 91 123 86 83 | 902 999 786


From our new facilities we want to improve our service and attention.


Do not hesitate, ask us!


Other news related to Solutel in Madrid:

New SOLUTEL incorporation in Madrid


Protect your system with CISCO

Do you know the most common tactics that hackers use to endanger your system? How to stop the execution of these files?

Do you know the most common tactics that hackers use to endanger your system? How to stop the execution of these files?

Let us always bear in mind that:     

  • Every time in a software update we click on “Remember me later”,     
  • we download attachments in emails,    
  •  we access videos from pages of doubtful origin …,

We are making our device vulnerable to ransomware.

These are just some of the many ways in which ransomware can be introduced into our device.

On the other hand, malvertising, emails with identity theft, and even memory cards are the common tactics that hackers use to compromise your system.

How to stop the execution of these files?

While the file is trying to run, Cisco has powerful tools to stop it:


  • Umbrella protects your system by blocking the file request according to the encryption key infrastructure. This implies that the ransomware can not communicate or obtain the necessary information to encrypt your data.
  • At the same time that Umbrella blocks the request, Cisco’s next-generation firewall will block the connection, which offers additional protection.     
  • If a file manages to pass the DNS layer and the firewall, the protection against advanced malware (AMP) of Cisco for terminals can block the execution of the file and go a step further. It continuously analyzes all file activity in the system and offers you the ability to locate and remove all malicious files.

CISCO AMP for terminals, prevents attacks and blocks Malware at the point of entry.

Know the threats that come to us. Get ready with CISCO UMBRELLA


Do not hesitate, ask us!

Cisco Webex Meetings

Why should you use Cisco WebEx Meetings?

Why should you use Cisco WebEx Meetings?

Collaborative and productive meetings through the Web

  •  Immediate online video meetings with shared screen.
  • Edit and correct documents together with your assistants.

Get all these functions:

  • Video conference
  • Share applications or your full screen
  • VoIP and direct calls to and from phones in different countries.
  • Comment tool and whiteboard
  • Record meetings (video included)
  • Free mobile applications
  • Share the presenter function

And these others …

  • Plan meetings from outlook
  • Remote control of the other assistant’s desk
  • Meetings protected by password
  • Integrated chat
  • Compatible with PC, MAC and Linux
  • 24×7 support
  • Security and reliability of CISCO in its meetings

In the following video, intuitively you can see how webex meetings work

Remarkable points of Cisco WebEx Meetings:

  •  It enables more sophisticated and productive meetings through the use of high definition videos, integrated audio and the sharing of content in real time.
  • It makes meetings more efficient by allowing documents, agendas, notes and recordings to be shared in a comfortable and accessible online meeting space.
  • It allows team members to collaborate easily from their mobile devices, through which they can make use of the bidirectional video function.
  • Applies a protection system with strict policies and access controls built into Cisco WebEx Cloud.

More Detail .PDF


FireWall Meraki MX68, security device managed in the cloud

Cisco Meraki announces the end of the sale for the next product MX65 and MX65W. The security devices managed in the cloud MX65 and MX65W have been replaced by the MX68 and MX68W, which have more capacity at the same price.

Discontinued ModelNew Replacement Model




With the same cost, the Meraki MX68 equipment provides more capacity:

Recommended max clientsInterfacesStateful firewall throughputMaximum VPN throughputVPN tunnels
MX65-HW5012 × GbE (2 PoE+)
250 Mbps100 Mbps50
MX68-HW5012 × GbE (2 PoE+)
802.11ac WiFi
450 Mbps200 Mbps50
MX65W-HW5012 × GbE (2 PoE+)
250 Mbps100 Mbps50
MX68W-HW5012 × GbE (2 PoE+)
802.11ac/n Wave 2 WiFi
450 Mbps200 Mbps50

Types of licensing:

Comment that there are two types of licensing in MX. The Enterprise license and the Advanced Security, with option of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years.

Next, we show in table the comparison between the two licenses:

FeatureEnterprise licenseAdvanced Security license
Stateful firewall
VLAN to VLAN routing
Link bonding / failover
3G / 4G failover
Traffic shaping / prioritization
Site-to-site VPN
Client VPN
MPLS to VPN Failover
Splash pages
Configuration templates
HTTP content caching
Group Policies
Client connectivity alerts
SD-WAN. WAN optimization
Geography based firewall rules
Intrusion detection / prevention
Content filtering
Anti-virus and anti-phishing
Youtube for Schools
Web Search Filtering
AMP / Anti-malware


Finally we focus on what we consider a good product for the SME, MX68W with Advanced Security licensing, we comment the benefits:

  • Next-generation firewall, layer 7 “next generation” firewall, gives administrators full control over the users, content and applications of their network.
  • Application control
  • Web caching
  • Various WAN uplinks.
  • Fault tolerance
  • Content filtering
  • Intrusion prevention, based on SNORT®.
  • Antivirus and antiphishing
  • Web search filtering

Advantages against traditional firewalls:

  • Centralized and simple management of all firewalls from a single administration portal. It is 100% managed in the cloud, the installation and remote administration are very simple.
  • Traffic modeling and application management
  • Failover 3G / 4G through a USB modem
  • Web caching
  • Management of VPNs extremely simple and automated and without additional costs per user.
  • Optimization of traffic between sites with data compression saving bandwidth and increasing speed.
  • Prioritization of traffic by applications to optimize the use of the Internet.
  • Integrated reports in the management portal, without the need for additional installations.
  • Proactive threat management
cisco live 2019

SOLUTEL and its customers present at Cisco Live EMEA 2019 – Barcelona, ​​Spain | January 28 – February 1, 2019

SOLUTEL and its customers present at Cisco Live EMEA 2019 – Barcelona, ​​Spain | January 28 – February 1, 2019


At Cisco Live EMEA 2019 – Barcelona, ​​attend customized presentations and tours of the fair for our market from February 28 to February 1.

In this edition of Cisco Live 2019, SOLUTEL will participate in a special way through two of its clients. We will keep you informed!

It will be a unique experience in which we will combine the possibility of attending the main sessions of Cisco Live, demonstrations, meetings with experts and training along with a customization for our market designed especially by Cisco Spain.

Cisco Live is widely recognized as the leading event of training, inspiration and connections for technology professionals. It presents a unique opportunity to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge and skills about the technologies we already use, through the speeches of Cisco visionary and executive thought leaders, in their more than 700 networking sessions.

By attending Cisco Live, you can receive training in a single week that would otherwise require multiple courses and sessions throughout the year.

The reasons to attend?

  • The ability to personally evaluate the latest innovations in networks, security and the cloud.
  • To better understand emerging technologies and concepts that are the driving force behind the new and innovative world of digital business.
  • Meet directly with Cisco experts and ask questions about our unique challenges.
  • Connect with other Cisco attendees and partners to hear their perspectives and suggestions on best practices, new ideas and new tools we might consider.

The bottom line is that by attending Cisco Live, you turn attendees into a more valuable asset for your organization, and that will help us get more information about our investment in Cisco and other technologies.

For more information about Cisco Live, you can find it at


Technical training program

The Technical Training program is organized by Technology Tracks and learning routes to help you easily find the sessions that are most relevant to each attendee.

Technology Tracks

Cisco Live EMEA 2019 location:

Fira Barcelona

Fira Gran Via (North Access)
C/ Foc, 37
08038 Barcelona, Spain


We will wait for you!



Cisco jabber 12.5

New features of CISCO Jabber with Jabber 12.5

New features of CISCO Jabber with Jabber 12.5

We are pleased to announce the release of Jabber 12.5. The objective announced by CISCO with this new version is to “build bridges” and provide technology that works together and offers a consistent experience, regardless of the device or application that you use. So what’s new in Jabber 12.5? We are introducing modern team messaging features from the cloud and a significantly improved meeting experience with active controls. These two new features help you take advantage of new and existing technologies to create incredible experiences for your customers.

What is CISCO Jabber?

Before deacuting the new features of Jabber 12.5, I want to present CISCO Jabber for those who do not know this application of CISCO. It is a business collaboration tool. It allows people to collaborate anywhere and from any device.

Mobility does not have to limit productivity. Cisco Jabber offers instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferences and presence. Find the right people, see if they are available and how they are available and collaborate more effectively. Instant messaging, voice, video, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence.

Capacities and benefits:

Instant messaging and presence: Improve productivity. Use the presence information in real time and instant messaging to reduce delays. See the availability of contacts inside and outside your organization.

Business-class voice and video: Communicate clearly. Get secure and reliable communications with Cisco Jabber phone features, including HD voice and video, in addition to desktop sharing.

Collaborate anywhere, at any time: Go where you need to go. Access all Cisco Jabber features from your mobile, including video conferencing, with the same ease of use found on the desktop.

Communicate from Microsoft Office: Access Cisco Jabber directly from Microsoft Office applications. Easily click to start chat, voice or video calls, or multiple conferences.

Available for devices:


iPhone and iPad



Team messaging mode

The team’s messaging mode for Cisco Jabber improves the way you connect and do things on small teams. This new implementation option provides a central set of Webex Teams messaging features from the cloud while maintaining call services at the facility.

Now you have:

  • persistent one-to-one chats and team spaces,
  • a new experience of presence,
  • advanced file sharing capabilities and
  • a powerful way to search your Jabber application, while maintaining advanced call features.

We use the Webex extendable platform to integrate with our existing solutions and offer unique combined experiences. Our IT managers can now provide new solutions in the cloud while continuing to take advantage of their local managed call services. Customers will also have the added benefit of native interoperability between the messaging mode of the team messaging team Jabber and the Webex teams, since they take advantage of the same platform in the cloud. This can reduce the burden on your organization if it is moving from Jabber to Team. Unlike other providers, we are focused on productive user workflows through the evolution of the cloud. As you move your message to the cloud, your organization will also benefit from the enhanced security provided by the Webex platform. The computer messaging mode includes end-to-end encryption for all messages and files sent. It has a secure search that keeps the search terms and results protected, and provides blocking and moderation controls for your spaces. See the new features, included in the messaging mode of the team:

Active controls

Our goal is to provide an excellent meeting experience, no matter how you join a meeting. We continue to move towards that goal with active controls for Jabber users.

The new controls give you:

  • more control over your meetings with a list of meetings,
  • controls of participants,
  • custom designs and
  • a new shared experience.

These new features are available to Cisco Meeting Server customers, and we will continue to implement them in other types of meetings in future releases. Meeting Server users now have the basic functionality they need to host and use Jabber as their main meeting client. Here is a quick look at the active controls within Jabber:

Additional features of Jabber 12.5    

  • Simplified configuration process: no more editing and manual loading of the Jabber XML configuration file. You can now manage the settings using the Unified Communications Manager web interface. In the new interface, you can assign configurations to a group of users or device types.
  • Cisco Headset Management: The Jabber application will now automatically incorporate the updated firmware into your Cisco headset to keep it updated easily.
  •   Media Routing Optimization: Jabber 12.5 now supports SIP ICE. ICE provides media routing optimization.
  • Updated user experience: Jabber continues to have a modern design and a user experience. In Jabber 12.5 we are launching an updated design and better alignment with the rest of the Cisco Collaboration portfolio.

For existing Jabber users, upgrade your software to 12.5 or visit the app store for your mobile device.